Nancarrow Farm Wedding

This clever couple managed to mix their love of skateboards,skulls, flamingos and antiques alongside the rustic feel of Nancarrow Farm wedding setting in the converted barn and made it work so very very well. Lorna and Dan personalised this wedding, it was every inch them, there love of the film True Romance, that was on skateboard props, the amazing wedding cake (Creative Cakes) as well as tattoos on them. Hints of their life, a glass box containing a flamingo feather, a cork from their engagement and a Euro stood on a windowsill. Chalkboards with words and sayings. Photobooth props for the fun mix of guests they had invited, messages in bottles, sign a skateboard guestbook, the attention to detail just went on and on!

Lorna was a stunning bride and she wowed her guests by wearing a white dress, no one expected that, but she added her own touch by adding pink net underneath and wearing pink flowered Vans, another nod to their skater side.

Dan looked very cool in a rolled up sleeved shirt and grey trousers.

The food that Nancarrow farm served was rustic and superb. The chef if you ever get the chance to talk to is so passionate about his work hes a joy. He serves up home reared beef and home grown herbs to compliment his food. Everything local he can get is hands on is used and the food tastes delicious ( thank you for supper!)

A day spent with an amazing couple and adorable Summer, a perfect venue, wonderful family and friends, great food, the weather could have been better, but you know what? it didn’t matter as everything else was perfection.

We at Kiss Photography were so happy to be capturing this day, thank you Lorna and Dan for being the perfect pair! We wish you a life filled with True Romance, laughter and hints of Pink! You rOcK! XXXnancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9593nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-8947nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9001nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-6707nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-6742nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-6821nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9733nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9189nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-2562nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9269nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-2591nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9281nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9299nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-2595nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9313nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9327nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-6976nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9806nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9814nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9368nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-6993nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9400nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-7005nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9426nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9834nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9478nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9552nancarrow-farm-wedding-Photography-9589