Family Shoot Carbis Bay Beach

We photographed this family last week during the October half term. I love these shoots, family that live far away from each other getting together for a holiday and marking the occasion with a photoshoot.

When we have these shoots we try to cover all the different family dynamics. The most important was to get the four cousins together for the Grandmother as she commissioned this shoot. But as we had the mums, the Dads and Granny there we managed to cover everyone together, the two families separately and the cousins in sibling pairs and paired off with each other. We also always get lots of close ups of individual, as every mother love these.

Its fun and its free photography style, kids and families as they really are. As you can see from this shoot we had lots of fun and there was lots of laughter. This is a very small selection of the shots, there were loads and all taken in just a couple of hours.

Thanks to both family’s and Granny, we had a ball with you all, and you are all so photogenic!
family-Photography-9496 family-Photography-3371 family-Photography-3456 family-Photography-9546 family-Photography-9550 family-Photography-3488 family-Photography-3518 family-Photography-9555 family-Photography-9567 family-Photography-3547 family-Photography-3587 family-Photography-9604 family-Photography-9610 family-Photography-9626 family-Photography-3662 family-Photography-9650 family-Photography-3693 family-Photography-9655 family-Photography-3732 family-Photography-9669 family-Photography-9685 family-Photography-9692 family-Photography-9695 family-Photography-9697 family-Photography-9698 family-Photography-3781 family-Photography-3788 family-Photography-3803 family-Photography-4144

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