Family Farm Shoot

Never work with kids or animals or so they say. I don’t see why not because on Saturday we had a dog, a cat, a field of Sheep, a coup of chickens , a ten moth old baby and various other family members in between, and we had the best day!
Jo and James booked us for their wedding photography a couple of years ago, so we were delighted to be asked back to capture the new baby. Originally the shoot was to mark the 4 generation of men, James, his son, his Dad and his Granddad, but we had grandma shots too, animals and general farm fun. The wind was bitterly cold on this hillside smallholding, but that didn’t deter any of us and we only had one hot chocolate and tea break to try and get feeling back in all of our fingers. The results are wonderful for this cold end of November day. It was such a pleasure to see this lovely lot again.