Zoe and Joff tie the knot

Zoe and Joff had the wedding of their dreams last Friday.
When we met this lovely couple we so wanted to cover this event. Joff a st.Ives boy and Zoe his gorgeous bride to be love St.Ives as much as we do, actually maybe even more. It was lovely hearing all the places that are special to them, all the areas that mean so much to them. The wedding was going to be all about St.Ives, about Joff’s history of growing up here and all about the place they know and love and starting their marriage in a place filled with family, friends and special places.
After we met them all of a sudden our paths seemed to cross more and we got to know them a little better, a great birthday party night at The Brewery in St.Ives, a birthday weekend away in Bristol, the St.Ives raft race, where Joff carried the raft down Fore Street and then got pelted with flour while helping get it out of the sea. Little snippets of time and moments and we got to know this great pair.

So when the wedding morning came, it was a delight to be with Zoe, so relaxed and lovely on the morning of her wedding. Her friends and family in the room. She looked amazing when I arrived before the hair and makeup had even been finished, the end result was incredible! Simone  worked her magic on Zoe while Nicola from Bedford Road salon worked her magic on the bridesmaids, totally a winning team!

Zoe looked so beautiful, her dress was so her and her flowers so pretty. Her adorable nieces were bridesmaids and looked like beautiful fairies.

Both bride and groom walked to Chapel in St.Ives. Joff walked the walk from his parents house, with his friends and family. Reliving many memories. Zoe was dropped by her brother in law on the corner of the Harbour to enter Fore Street. In the hustle and bustle of tourists it was wonderful to see a bride stepping out of a car on her way to wed the man of her dreams.

Zoe and Joff didn’t walk down the aisle after the service, they decided their aisle would be  the slipway. The wedding cars were parked there, the flags were flying, and all their guests were waiting to greet them.

The day just got better, perfect weather, a photoshoot on the Island, a great high tea at Tregenna Castle and a BBQ meal. Some of the best speeches we have ever heard, great personal touches, and a barn dance.

Thank you guys for a fantastic day, your friends and family are so lovely it was a pleasure to cover it all and to spend a perfect day with everyone. We know you will have a happily ever after. One last congratulations! here is a little taster of your incredible day.