Carlyon Bay Hotel Wedding

Toni and Rob’s wedding was the wedding of smiles and laughter. We had an absolute ball with these guys!
The day was spent at the fabulous Carlyon Bay Hotel and I arrived in the morning to see a serene Toni surrounded by her lovely family, sisters popping in and out, friends and her Mum. It was delightful watching the proceedings unfold. I always keep a close eye on our brides, seeing if I can help in any way, making sure they are not stressed, making sure they are happy, I feel its just another part of our service. As a result through the eye on my lens and discreet observing I get to see all emotions. Toni enjoyed every moment of her bridal preparation. She was so happy, enjoying every moment, from the hair and make up to the dress going on, peaking at the boys from behind the curtain watching Ricky’s shoot on the lawns. She popped champagne, had lovely girlie time with her girls. She was a delight to spent the morning with. And the end result…. WOW!!!!!! she looked fabulous!

While I was having a beautiful morning, Ricky was with the guys, I have had a look at their morning and it was laughs and smiles all round too!

We had such fun with this lot, people from around the world and from all over England too coming together in Toni and Robs home county to attend this gorgeous event.

This day for us photography wise was a perfect mix, we did our reportage style that we are known for and our bride and groom perfect shots but we also shot a lot of fun set up shots. Toni and Rob had a few up their sleeves for us and we added some of our own, I am not sure they will never ever forget the “Kiss random” one !

We had a ball, i know they had a ball. Your friends and family were such good fun and sometimes wild, I am sure we laughed just as much as you guys did. We cant thank you enough for choosing Kiss Photography to shoot your day, your way. I know photography meant so much to you and I know you went that extra mile to find the perfect photographers that would get exactly what you needed on the day. We are always confident we can deliver the goods but I am so glad you saw it in us too as we loved loved loved your day. Robs “man dance” at the end had me stitches and I got some wonderful shots of Toni laughing alongside us all.

You guys are the perfect match, you know that, we know that and the photos show just that. Keep up the good work you gorgeous people!