Observing…..Not through the lens

I often start my day with a quick swim either at Tregenna Castle or The Harbour Hotel. It’s a wonderful way to start the morning before a day of meetings or photography edits in the office. We are lucky enough to have these two great hotels on our door step. The other morning was a crisp beautiful one and I drove to Tregenna Castle, pulled up on the side of the hotel and was admiring the famous 9th hole view of St.Ives. Very soon an gentleman walked along, he caught my attention, carrying his tripod and a very expensive camera. I did what I love the most, I stopped and did a bit of people watching. He spent an age setting himself up for the perfect shot. His tripod was adjusted and then again. He fiddled with his camera settings, getting all just right. One shot, a look, nope not happy, another, another adjustment or two. The process went on. The photo would have been beautiful I am sure, It took me back to my days of working in the fashion industry. A whole day for that one perfect advertising shot…. a whole day!!!! imagine!

This whole thing made me ponder on wedding photography. Us wedding photographers do not have that luxury, we have only one chance; the rings, the kiss, the tears of emotion. Its a moment, its never repeated and then its gone. We have to deliver, we have to produce the perfect shot in a second. We haven’t the luxury of time, we are trusted to capture the moment. I do actually understand why wedding photography isn’t for everyone, so many wedding photographers come on the scene in Cornwall and have gone in a year or so. Its a very confident photographer that can be 100% sure they can deliver. We love our job, I love capturing the moment. I live for moments. I love seeing the story unfold before me and approaching it with a journalistic style approach. We have a successful and ever growing commercial side to our photography business, these are the jobs when we can take a moment, we can adjust and adjust again if we need to. I love these jobs too but for other reasons, they are poles apart from a wedding.

So I thank the guy with the camera,tripod and the view, he gave me a moment, a moment to appreciate my job, the weddings we cover and the commercial jobs.  What he does as a hobby, we actually get to do every day. Its a great job….. boconnoc house wedding photography-1707