French Bulldogs

Our work takes us everywhere, luxury holiday apartments; the best Cornwall has to offer, Spas, amazing seafront hotels. We shoot Art, families, food. We have trudged through mud, streams, climbed trees, scaled cliffs just to get that perfect shot. On Friday our work took us to a perfect house in Newlyn filled with perfect puppies. We fell head over heels in love with these beautiful pups, their Mum, Dad and the third member of the family, the very funny Diesel. All French Bulldogs owned by breeder Caz.

We had the perfect morning styling the puppies and getting what I have to say the cutest photos we have ever taken ( apologies to my kids!)

We then went out with the adult dogs for a walk so we could photograph them in action.

Caz has a wonderful environment for these dogs and they were so good-natured and sweet and pretty much did exactly what we needed them to do (even though the box of treats had been left on the kitchen table) yep they preformed without bribes!

I must say although most of the litter have been reserved there were a snuggley warm handful that hadn’t. It was tempting to say the least.

I have to add a few photos for the cute factor, but also a link so you can see for yourself just how lovely these little babies are… enjoy people! CLICK HERE