Old Tresco House

The holiday house let by Carbis Bay Holiday’s is a real gem. Situated in the heart of St.Ives, right above our favorite beach Porthminster, it has a large sea view garden, an amazing kitchen, two family rooms and stunning bedrooms. It has managed to hold its original features as well as having a very modern twist. Its absolutely perfect, spotless and very,very high end holiday, and yet still manages to feel like a home. Someone very clever has renovated this house with such care and attention to detail, and its so very special.

Its so rare in St.Ives to find a family home to rent, and Carbis Bay Holidays have. I would imagine those that are in the know book this house year in year out, I certainty would, its perfect.

The photos picked for this blog are just personal favorites, but it really has to be seen to be believed, I cant imagine there is a better place to stay for a large family, we totally and utterly fell head over heel in love with this home.

Enjoy this peek…. and to our many many brides and grooms that come from afar to host their special day in St.Ives, look no further for the perfect pad, its right here.