Wedding at the fab Maidens Barns in Essex

The gorgeous Katie married the lovely Dave on Saturday. This fun loving couple seemed to custom build their wedding around smiles and laughter. From the bouncy castle hidden in the barns second garden, to the surprise ice cream van that arrived early evening. The loaded sweet trolley to the gaming room set up by Dave and his brother for the guests to enjoy. ( all retro, so very cool!)

We were thrilled to get this wedding booking. Katie and Dave had seen us work at a friends wedding in Cornwall, and booked us to travel to theirs. A massive compliment as this couple being based in greater London, had the photography world at their fingertips.

They booked Maiden Barns, which is a beautiful barn conversion, ran to perfection and styled just right. With a lovely mix of country chic to a very impressive modern dance floor, this venue rocked!

The outside space was amazing, and the hot balmy evening meant the guests spilled outside and enjoyed an evening BBQ and party right up to the early hours.

Katie and Dave’s wedding was so special, it was the classy garden party to end all garden parties, but made even more amazing thanks to this lovely pair and their lovely families. We felt right at home with this bunch. We were with the girls getting ready all morning. While they drank champagne and chatted we got all the moments. We arrived and the barn looked stunning, full of flowers, the gardens it overlooked was awash with summer blooms and Katie looked a million dollars as she swept into the room.

The service was filled with smiles and laughter and Katies “I do” was the best I do we have ever heard! Dave couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride, until the registrar let his full name slip, then he turned to catch the guests reaction. Caught some great smiles Dave!

Katie and Dave, I loved the gaming theme to your wedding, I loved the walkway of flowers where you had your confetti shot, I loved the amazing grounds and the beautiful evening sun we caught at the end of the day, I loved your dress Katie, you looked beautiful, but most of all? I loved you guys, thank you for making our day so special, we loved getting to know you, two very amazing people. Wishing you lots of love together forever XXX