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this is where you will find some of our most recent work

our blog

this is where you will find some of our most recent work

We had a beautiful time in Italy, then it was back and straight into wedding work mode.

I arrived at the 12th century church in Lelant (St.Ia), very early. I spent a fantastic hour or so watching the preparations unfold. The candles being lit, the vicar putting on his robes, the ladies ( their are always ‘the ladies’ in every church, I don’t know if they have an official title, but I like ‘the ladies! ) doing what, ‘the ladies’ do.

I wandered through the beautiful gardens, the birds were singing, the sun spilling through the trees, it was amazing. Little did I know of the stress going on at Ricky’s end who was with the bride Clare, involving a missing horse.

The groom and his men arrived, we got some amazing photographs, Danny was totally stress free.

The guests started arriving, ribbons were being tied to the old tree trunks, the wedding was about to begin.

Ricky was still involved in the missing horse saga, but the lovely Clare was un-fazed by it all, and arrived a bit late, but radiant. ( and looking stunning)

Danny the groom got up and ran out of the church, a missing horse and a missing groom???? no, bless him, he wanted to be the first one to see Clare, so he nipped out, stole a peek then came back in, seated himself, smiling.

After the most perfect service, everyone went to The Carbis Bay Hotel, for a perfect afternoon. The choir came to and sang on the lawn, it was just lovely. ( The horse by this point long forgotten!)

We went to the beach, and in the end the whole bridal party joined us, and bless Vicky from The Carbis Bay Hotel, she even brought the champagne down.

The wedding was great, I think everybody had fun, which seemed to reflect Clare and Danny  perfectly, a fun, happy go lucky couple.

Hope you are having a ball in South America, we are sure you are. We know you will love the photos and we will be sending you the final edit very soon. Here is a quick glimpse…

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