I could write pages and pages on this wedding. We were with them from the morning preparations through to the shindig with the ever funky Grace Notes band in the evening, and I can’t believe just how much in-between Kelly and Nathan fitted in and planned for their guests. How amazing their wonderful friends , they made the day happen for them, and how much planning it must have took this lovely couple.

Kelly, lovely, smiley, laughing Kelly ( looking back at her photographs, she laughed and smiled her way through, getting ready, the service, the photos and the speeches) amazing lady, never stressed, never not smiling, and she must have worked so hard all week, and she didn’t even show it!

Nathan was a man so chilled he made Ricky look stressed! (and those who know him, know he’s as laid back as they come) Nathan was still in the shower 15mins before he was due to be picked up in the Strawberry Leisure Lola camper-van. And he was at the printers that morning, we never found out what he was printing, but he was printing!

I spent the morning with the girls, and it was lovely. We chatted and they got everything together and Kelly told me the story of how the wedding day was their 2nd anniversary of meeting, to the day (arrrrhhh) and how the wedding was a real hand-made affair, there friends made the guest book, cake stands, invites, wooden table plan, slate engraved table-mats for EVERY guest, even the platinum wedding rings. Then there was the bunting ( hand made by another friend) the cake was made by the bridesmaid. The hall was decorated by Kelly, Nathan, family and friends, they laid out and then laid the tables, with lovely vintage style table cloths, they tied pink ribbon round all the cutlery. They blew up balloons. Another friend did the flowers.. can you believe all this? it was amazing. The solid hand of complete friendship did not stop there. The meal was traditional fish and chips ( they met on ‘chippy Street’ in Wales ), the best men and this amazing man who seemed to co-ordinate everything ( friend, of course) went out to the van in the pouring rain and served over 100 guests there food, in personalised chip boxes. For dessert an ice cream van came to the car park, then a gourmet BBQ company turned up a couple of hours later, while the bridesmaid did the cake table with (another) wonderful friend. There was a bouncy castle, games, space-hoppers, it was a garden party to end all garden parties, it rained ALL day pretty much, but who cared! this wedding made me realise what special people Nathan and Kelly were, to have such an amazing circle of people around them to do so much for them, to make their day happen and be so very special, just tells me they themselves must be two amazing, incredible people.

And so to end this entry of my blog, I will say how pretty and lovely Kelly looked. Nathan was so very smart and handsome in a very tasteful brown morning suit. Dreamy couple, loved them both to bits. But must also add how they, on a whim, ‘snuck’ us into Lanhydrock House gardens, for some amazing photos, where they gob smacked the tourists, peeked behind bushes, in full wedding gear, twirled about the formal gardens, had a laugh, and we captured it all. Guys.. amazing, so glad we got to meet you and when you tire of your amazing friends, may we borrow them for a few years?

Wishing you two lots lots lots of love and the laughter.. well.. just carry on laughing!