A wedding on a private beach, not a soul in sight, a stretch of sand untouched by footprints, and down you stroll with your new bride.. sounds like this is for you?? then get wed at The Harbour Hotel in St.Ives,then have the rain stop just moments before you step onto the sand, this is what Jess and James had today . Porthminister beach looked stunning and there was not a person to be seen, just Jessica, James, and their bridal party. After a lovely service and a glass of champagne, we asked Jess how she wanted to play it. The rain was.. well raining.. we didn’t have much time before the meal was to begin and we had a long list of “must have ‘ photos. She opted for the beach, as she said she wanted sand to touch her dress. Jessica, you so did the right thing, and the weather saw her coming and smiled down on her and her groom.

I was so looking forward to this wedding, when I got an email from Jess, saying that she wanted “formal’ group photographs, but really didn’t want them formal, as they were not serious people at all. And this was them, happy, giggling, laughing and generally having the best day of there lives! Jessica stunning in her strapless dress and a wonderful corsage flower in her hair, her three beautiful bridesmaids holding a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers.  James and his men looking so very smart, but such a fun group of lads. James pulls some great faces, has a brilliant sense of humour and generally made the happy Jess, smile even more!

A lovely wedding, full of smiles and laughter. The Harbour Hotel looking lovely as always, St.Ives beaches just looking totally fantastic, a good day all round!

James and Jessica, all the best to you both,  just keep on smiling and laughing x