I think one of my favorite wedding moments ever was yesterday walking down Fore Street with a bride and groom and their whole wedding party and guests. I love the casualness of it and I loved the surreality  of it  mixed in with all the locals and tourists, and it was just so Rachael and Steve, casual and chilled out.

When we met this lovely couple last year , they knew already that they were going to wander through the streets with their guests to the beach after their service at St.Eia Church in St.Ives, casual champagne on the beach with the guest’s, then walk to The Loft for the wedding breakfast. Steve is a florist and so the flowers were going to be designed and made by him, and they were incredible.

I spent the morning with the girls, the bride and her sisters and the Mum and Dad and Ricky went to The Sloop to catch up with the guys. We met up at the church , where our lovely local vicar preformed the marriage. Rachael, such a lovely kind warm lady and Steve easy going, fun laid back man, just wanted their wedding day to be relaxed, and it was. We went to Porthmeor beach as it was the closest to The Loft, and I am so glad we did, the waves were crashing in and it was wild, the guests were mesmerized by the sea, the kids played in the sand and it was lovely.

Pretty Rachael in her lace and satin dress from BeatenGreen Vintage Boutique in St.Ives, looked just lovely, and Steve looked very cool in his suit, a perfect match!

We all wandered back to The Loft restaurant  where Steve had worked his magic there with his amazing flowers and the party started.

Wishing two lovely people and cutie Finlay an amazing future together.