The Carbis Bay Hotel was the venue for Charlie and Nicolas wedding.
When we arrived we were surprised to find out it was also Nicola’s birthday. In a totally romantic gesture Charlie had gone to the beach early in the morning and put a birthday message in the sand under their hotel window that looked out to sea. He also sent her a card every hour while she was getting ready, and on the final hour before the wedding a massive bouquet of lilies. So it was safe to say Nicola did feel it was her birthday as well as her wedding day.
The sun shone and Carbis Bay beach looked divine. Nicola looked so fantastic with her amazing cascade of curls and her beautiful fitted dress that looked as if it was designed just with her in mind. Charlie and the boys wore top hat’s and tails, it was a very smart affair.
Butterfly’s were the theme, and they were everywhere! Nicola even had one on her ring fingernail, a really sweet touch I thought. She wore fab shoes that where red and white, with hearts on and the bridesmaids wore a deep red. It was a vibrant wedding, full of colour and planned to the tee.
We got to the beach, with most of the 60 guests and the sun continued to shine until late into the afternoon.
After everyone had eaten Charlie and his friends lit lanterns and fireworks to end the evening.. another romantic gesture!
The wedding planner on the day was Cara and she did a fantastic job, and the staff at the hotel, as always were spot on. A pleasure as always to work there.
Nicola and Charlie wishing you a lifetime of love and enjoy Mexico!