I know that our job is an incredible one. Surrounded every work day by such happiness and love is a wonderful thing. But when you spend the day with a couple such as Justine and Chris, I realise just how incredible people can be and I am so glad we got to capture their wedding at The Carbis Bay Hotel.
This is their story of the wedding last weekend.
It rained… oh my goodness it rained, it was pouring when we arrived at Justine’s apartment up the road from The Carbis Bay Hotel. We were greeted with the sunniness’s of smiles from the lovely bride to be and that’s how it was… all rainy day long. Justine is so sweet, so lovely and was just so happy. Happy to be the bride-to-be, happy to be surrounded by all her family, just a fantastic person, that made everyone around her smile. She buzzed about all morning, chatting to her friends and family, looking after everyone, helping everyone get ready. There was no stress just lots of laughter, and giggles all morning. Meanwhile the ever chilled out groom Chris, was spending the morning with Ricky, his early morning surf ruined by the lack of surf, and the rain .. still raining, and yet, did he care? not at all he was getting Wed to the sweetest little thing ever!
Chris wrote a song for Justine to walk down the aisle too, and the service went off perfectly, the happy couple smiling throughout. Justine looked amazing in a white swathed dress with a beautiful lace up back and veil. Chris, very cool with the wildest wedding socks ever! I liked!
After welcome drinks.. it was still raining, but they had come from Bristol for this Carbis Bay Hotel Beach Wedding, so with a smile the umbrellas went up and off onto the beach we all went. The wind was howling, the rain was being driven into us all, and the umbrellas were abandoned and it was the wildest wedding shoot we have ever done. But god bless this couple…. they were STILL smiling and we love them for that!
It was sheer luck the hairdresser was also a guest so the bride still looked wonderful for the confetti shots back inside the hotel. The Carbis Bay Hotel were so lovely letting us pretty much get confetti everywhere and move furniture so we could fit everyone in, and we were on our hands and knees afterwards trying to pile it all up as much as we could.
Just as we were leaving, the happy couple gave us a cupcake each as a thank you. We halved one for a much needed sugar buzz and saved one for our little girls to share. Perfect end to a perfect day.. who needs sunshine ?
We want to wish these guys sunshine for the rest of their lives. x