Well what an amazing photography year we have had at KISS this 2011.
We were the busiest we have ever been with weddings, and it was a blast. We have captured so many amazing moments and met so many fantastic couples and as a result, presented so many fantastic albums to some very happy people. We have some great memories of the spring and summer. We had the horse and carriage that ran away and the story was so dramatic it even made the papers. We had the cliche moment of the best man that really did forget the rings ( that has NEVER happened before at a wedding we have covered ) we have had late brides, very late brides and the bride that was early and surprised us all! We have sneaked into places we really should not have been, on the bride and grooms request, and we had the human pyramid obsessed bride who made every one join in ( great photos) and the bride and groom that made us laugh all day long. We have heard the most amazing stories of love and have been moved to near tears on a few occasions. We have had the wettest wedding ever and the photos were brilliant!
We have had some beautiful emails of thanks and praise, that makes our job so very special and thank you so much for all of you that let us know just how much you love your photos we take, it means a great deal to us.

We have also had a great photography corporate year, shooting hotels, restaurant food and holiday lets. Look out for our new section on the web site in 2012 showcasing our corporate work, which we are very proud of.

We also re-launched our kids/family location shoots as I realised the requests were coming in thick and fast from Mums, and I missed that side of our work. I thought we didn’t really have the time with the amount of weddings we are shooting, but somehow we managed to fit everything in and enjoyed the challenge. I pretty much spent every evening in the office this summer editing, invoicing and answering emails, and Ricky spent most days when not at weddings designing albums, printing and putting together. It worked quite well as I like to be a Mum during the week day’s and he likes to watch TV and play with his PS3 during the evenings. He had a couple of moments when he actually did work through the night when the work loads got quite crazy, but he drank about 5 or 6 espresso’s and seemed to cope fine with it!

Dreams and wishes for 2012? well; we already know we are going to be even busier, and that’s wonderful.

We know we will be spending a lot of time at The Harbour Hotel, Tregenna Castle and The Carbis Bay Hotel, which suits us just fine as we love them all! And… well, watch this space, there’s lots of exciting things happening at KISS photography!

We hope to meet some more brides this coming year at the following wedding fairs : Kingsley Village ( February and November) and Tregenna Castle ( in March)