Saturday Rebekah came home to St.Ives to marry Andrew at The St Ives Harbour Hotel. You can never tell in March what the weather will bring, well it brought glorious weather, blue sky, sun and sparkling turquoise seas.
We started our day with Rebekah at her parents house. She was amazing! happy, relaxed, loving the whole preparations and having fun with her Mum and Dad and bridesmaids. Her gorgeous wedding dress looked fantastic hanging up, but when she put it on I was totally wowed; she looked like a princess. I loved the photographs of her getting ready, she just shone and when she got her dress on I loved the fact I could tell how very special she felt.
There was not a moment of stress that morning, everything went wonderfully smooth. We were slightly later leaving the house as I had a serious lacing job to do for the bridesmaid’s dress and as a result I appear in one of the bridal prep shot’s, let it be known I am not just a photographer but a pretty good ‘lacer’ too!

Andrew was at the church, and didn’t stop smiling, all day. He was not nervous, just so very happy to be getting wed.

As the day wore on it became apparent just how well matched these two are, in every single way and it was a honor to follow their wedding day and be part of it.

After a lovely service the guest’s were told to head to Porthminister beach, where we took the photos, and the bride and groom had a game of cricket, which we have some great shots of. ( Andrew is a very keen cricketer and it was very much a theme for the wedding)

The Harbour hotel looked wonderful, Rebekah’s parents wed there many years ago, and their wedding photo was up.

We stayed until the evening and left the happy couple dancing the night away, after saying goodbye to all the lovely family members we had spent the day with.

We wish these two a perfect life of happy times, sunshine and cricket. Thank you for being as sunny as the weather! a joy to photograph.