She laughed, smiled and had fun all day long. The gorgeous Aimi married Andrew at the weekend, at The Carbis Bay Hotel. The weather was perfect, the location perfect ( we love The Carbis Bay Hotel, and when the sun shines on that beach it goes beyond perfect!) the bride wore the perfect dress and the groom who was just so sweet. Who could ask for more?
We spent the whole day with wonderful Aimi and Andrew, and we laughed along with them, you couldn’t help it, it was infectious! The only time the laughter stopped was during the touching service where there didn’t seem to be a dry eye in the house! I loved Andrew’s reaction when he saw his stunning bride walk down the aisle, and I loved the fact they boogied back up the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.
It was straight outside afterwards to enjoy the glorious Cornish sunshine, and we all hit the beach for some very fun photos. They couldn’t stay away from the sand, and straight after the meal, it was cricket and beach games on the beach.
This fabulous pair of people will never be short of happy times together, and surrounded by such lovely friends and family their married life will be perfect. Thank you for a great day both of you, we thoroughly enjoyed it all, you are both fab !carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0188carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1684carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0327carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0418carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0461carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0473carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0512carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0525carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0534