On a sunny afternoon, in St.Ives, the beautiful Amy married the lovely Paul.
I went to The Blue Hayes Hotel where Amy was getting ready, I got there to find a very relaxed bride and her wonderful bridesmaids. Amy’s daughter Amber chief bridesmaid extraordinaire, took the lead and was an absolute star.
Amy looked 100% amazing in her ivory dress. There was a breeze today, but the dress floated in it, making Amy look even more stunning!
The service was being held at The Harbour Hotel where Paul and his guests were waiting. Amy walked into the room to Somewhere Over The Rainbow, with the bridesmaid and flower girl and Paige boy leading. One of the most touching things I have ever seen at a wedding was the love that filled the room. Amber went straight over and kissed her Daddy Paul, then Amy walked in, she was radiant and gorgeous, Amy kissed her in-laws-to-be and her Dad before she had even reached Paul at the end of the aisle! It was a moment that i think touched everyone’s heart and a moment that I will always look back on as one of my special wedding moments. The gestures came from the heart of Amy and Amber and that is what marriages are all about.
After the service the guests wandered down to The Porthminister Beach cafe where the reception was going to be held. We met Amy and Paul on the beach and the real fun began. Amy is one of those ladies you can’t help but like. She has an infectious smile and wonderful personality and is very, very, fun. Paul, with his brilliant sense of humour, and her are just great together, up for a laugh and so, so, so, in love. I feel the photos took all these things in and it was perfect. Both of them when they met us confessed to not really like having their photo taken, well guys you were amazing ! we had such a easygoing time with them and totally enjoyed it. Thankyou !

The guest’s mingled on the beach and we got lots of shots, everyone was in full fun mode by then, the party really had begun. As you can imagine, being at the Porthminster Cafe the food was out of this world, with it being a wedding, the chefs went beyond sublime. The plan was a beach BBQ, but taken to wedding levels. It was cleverly done so that there seemed to be food set out and different things going on all round the restaurant and the guests just wandered about picking up the most fabulous food along the way. Amy had put so much effort into the styling of the restaurant and it looked so pretty with bunting and wooden hearts, ivy and butterfly’s.
The atmosphere created was just what I think Paul and Amy had planned and informal party that just rocked!

The speeches were funny and the guest’s all so accommodating. We would like thank Amy and Paul for making our day fun and for the food ( and to Paul’s Mum for doubly making sure we were fed ! ) and to lovely Amber who I think made everyone’s day by just being herself.

We wish you three an amazing married life together, we know it will be filled with fun and laughter. We know you will have a fab night tonight and have a feeling the party will be going on into the wee hours , enjoy !