Tregenna Castle Hotel Civil ceremony photography

Today I saw once of my most beautiful bridal moments ever. When Fiona and Alison appeared at the top of the steps at Tregenna Castle today both with arm’s  linked  with  parents to walk down to get married it was touching and a very special moment.

Tregenna Castles grounds lends itself to the outdoor wedding and this was the dream of these two ladies, the weather was unpredictable at this point, but its what they wanted, so we all mucked in and wiped and dried seats and the service went ahead as planned and as dreamed of. And the sun shone for them !

Everything was planned to the last tiny detail, and the brides walked up the steps after the service and stood at the top and greeted every single guest. A lovely touch and such a great way of doing a receiving line, the buzz of the service was still in the air, Alison and Fiona were just beaming and so very happy, and a table of canapes and Raspberry fizz awaited the guests.

We went to Porthminister Beach after and the sun peaked out just enough to bathe St.Ives in a beautiful light.

Two beautiful lovely ladies, stunning in their gorgeous dresses following your day with you was a pleasure. Thankyou .

Wishing Alison and Fiona a perfect life together, forever x