I would imagine if you are reading this blog you have some avid interest in weddings? I would also imagine that you would then know what planning a wedding involves, the sheer volume of work, planning, organising, choosing, matching, deciding and time ? yes? well wait to you hear what our latest bride Anna got up to ( with the help of Alex her groom of course and a few lovely talented rellies!)

Anna is my cousin, so we were thrilled to be asked to cover her and Alex’s wedding, two wonderful people and what was set to be a truly wonderful day. I feel I need to paint a picture of Anna; she’s an extremely intelligent young lady, but her talents do not stop there, she is also very creative and can pretty much turn her hand at anything, she can knit, sew, cook, preserve, cut, glue and stick and probably a lot more that I don’t even know about !

The couple have a passion for Tea and Caravans, so the hand made invitations arrived inviting us to a wedding tea party. The vintage china tea settings for every guest and cake stands for every table where brought by the couple as they scoured the length and breath of the county for the 11 months building up to the wedding, teapots were brought and planted up as table settings, home made Jam was on each place setting as a favour, Anna crossed stitched each table name’s (WOW !!!!) guests names were hand written on wooden teapots, streams of bunting was handmade by her mother and her Aunt ( my Mum!) made table runners. Anna’s mum also made the delicious wedding cake, and her Step Dad made the Sweet table ( with matching mini bunting of course ! ) vintage tongs were brought for the jars to make the look complete. It does not stop there, this couple are also properly the most thoughtful people you will ever meet, so each child at the wedding had a bag of goodies to end all bags of goodies, there was cutting, making,coloring,sticking,books and a lot more in each bag ( as well as snacks, because what child can wait for the food to arrive at a wedding without a meltdown ? ) there was also a massive fancy dress box for the evening so the kids and adults could dress up to there hearts content. ( the children where also told to take home whatever they fancied, and our little girls are now the proud owners of new sparkly fairy wings and megaphones….) All the little girls were given flowers to hold during the service, bridesmaids or not, and as a result everyone was made to feel extra special.


It goes on, there was a website set up beforehand so guests could enter their favourite songs to dance to in the evening, which was a success, a vintage caravan outside the old mill house where the reception was for photos and fun and a chilled bride and groom, how they managed that with all they did I will never know.

Anna and Alex, you two astounded and amazed us all with your talents on what has to be the wedding of the year! And to top it all Anna looked amazing in her dress she helped design with her dress maker, so pretty with lots of lovely details. And Alex so smart and as smiley as always.

Forever they will be together and remember the tea party to end end all tea parties! Anna and Alex we send love to you two very special people, welcome to our family Alex, and we hope you love the story of your wedding day. xxx