Everybody has a bucket list right? Well photographers have two, your personal bucket list and your professional one. Today I ticked off one from my professional list, we photographed Kiss Photography’s first Handfasting ceremony.

It was a wet wild day and the service was to be held at Madron Well, but the stormy weather seemed to add to the atmosphere. Joe and Chloe has 25 guests that had flown in from all over the world to join them on this special day.

The service was amazing, the space was cleared and blessed, the spirits were called upon and the couple drunk from the loving cup, the guests shared a drink and everyone ate cake from the big fat cake company. The winds may have been howling and the rain was soaking us all, but in that little space in that quite place, it was filled with love and happiness and a sense of complete calm.

The couple tied a ribbon on the tree near the well and made their wishes and walked the long ancient path back as husband and wife.

They had hired Godolphin house to home their friends and family for the week. The table was set in the very grand dining room, a hog roast was brought in , the champagne was flowing and once again it felt like we had stepped back to another time.

We loved today, it was very special. Joe and Chloe so very sweet, so very lovely and so very much in love. We wish you all the best of everything life has to offer.