kids shoot photographers st.ives cornwall

The new lens arrives, quite an exciting moment in a geeky way. Our kit bag this year has been amazing, we really have wanted for nothing, which as a wedding photographer is a wonderful feeling, you are ready for anything and can achieve any shot you want at a moments notice. But theres always something better, of course there is and so the Canon wide angle 24mm 1.4 appeared. We didn’t plan this photoshoot we were on our way to the beach on a rare Saturday off and it was popped into the beach bag as an after thought. So these are our kids, messing about on Porthminister Beach in St.Ives, unwittingly testing out the latest Kiss Photography toy. Thanks girls you did us proud and for you geeks out there, its a verrrrrrry nice lens !  ©üÿ�c®”åeÞ`ónžê°ÃôOOP­T“_ŸÃÿ�š|—©À}#Åê{“ønkDã±ûñS� mwë¶K%t;ƒ” />