My background is Fashion Photography, which led quite nicely into wedding photography, people wearing pretty clothes ! The family photography developed after having my own children and grew as a passion for capturing those moments and faces that pass and change so very quickly. The commercial interiors and food photography is wonderful as we both love design and both have a real passion for food. Now we move onto pet photography, nope ! not my bag, never was , not interested, have no reason to be, and will leave that job to others… or so I thought!

Last year my mum ‘rescued’ a cat. It seems unfair to use that word as the picture it sums up is a little waif and stray, half starved and un-loved. No, this kitty is a beauty, a stud in fact! He came to my mum via a wonderful lady who re-homed pedigree Rag-doll cats. Her mission was to home them when their ‘duty’ was done to wonderful people who would love and cuddle them and keep them safe into their retirement and my mum fit the bill so she got “Boco” ( the stud! ) I casually said to her when she said the breeder would love a photo of him enjoying his new life ” yes yes I will do that, i am a photographer ! ‘ to my shame I didnt get round to doing it and a year later was ‘nudged’ again.

So yesterday off I went to my Mums house with my camera bag under one arm and my three year old under the other to take some profession shots of the most loved, the most chilled out cat in the world ( and the most beautiful! ) how easy! he sleeps all day in the house, I love him, he loves me, I am a big animal person ( although not an animal photographer) but I take photos of lots of things, this is just another project!

Nope !

Boco is like a magnet to my daughter, she adores him, she loves him more than life itself, she wants to lay by him, hug him, gaze at him, play with him, in fact she can not leave his side, I forgot about this bit. So a good twenty mins was spent trying to wedge her out of my shot. A balloon was found and blown up and at last she was happy to leave his side. Boco however showed another side to himself, a side that sees balloons as big red balls flying through the air that could land on him. Like a cartoon character, this chilled out beast would fly across the room at a moments notice if the red balloon came within 3 feet of him . So we have photos of cat and child ( not what I wanted) photos of blurred cat running across room and also photos of worried not so chilled cat ( no no no!!! ) so balloon was removed, three old is not happy, goes to cat for a comfort cuddle, and here we go again !

An hour later ( with a school run inbetween, another child appears in the house, another child to separate from the cat ) and finally I get Boco in his natural habitat, on the chair, being lazy, looking gorgeous and at last i am happy. So I share with you Boco, my mums Ragdoll cat, who is loved as much as any family member and pampered more than most humans. But i also give you me, award winning wedding photographer, fantastic family portrait photographer, half of Kiss Photography who shoot fab food and fab interiors, but not pet photographer. We all love our pets, thats for sure, but you know that little pocket sized happy snappy you keep in your handbag? thats what that camera is for !