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I love cake, really I do. I love baking, I love decorating them ( although I do get frustrated as I am not as good as I want to be) and I have to admit this, I love eating them. In my profession I get to see some beauties, towering cupcakes as high as the sky (well not quite, but you get where I am coming from) Cake by design have made my cupcake dreams come true on many occasions. Delicious chocolate creations by the chocolate queen herself Nicky Grant, fabulous designs by Maureen Webber I love them all. There’s nothing that thrills me more when I walk into a wedding room and spot a cake that rocks.  I always make sure  I catch a moment to get those details. Its always before the wedding meal and its when the room has just been finished and no one has seen it yet. I love that moment in my photography day, when i can take stock and capture the real feel of the day, the theme, the colours, they are all there in that room. And of course theres the cake, I can get some close ups, the icing detail and I get my cake fix ( just by looking! ) and I can then get back into the people photography again knowing all is good ! ( with the cake)

So when our studio is filled with cakes to photograph, in my own time, under no time limitations, for advertising usage and PR shots and the like, what can i say…. can still life photography get any better…… here’s a few to tease you tempt you and maybe give you some inspiration, enjoy fellow cake lovers !