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this is where you will find some of our most recent work

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Yesterday Kiss Photography has the total pleasure of covering Sophie and Matts wedding day at Boscundle Manor.
I feel that i have so much to say about this wedding I don’t quite know where to start. To say it was perfect wouldn’t even cover how amazing the day was, to say how incredibly nice and gorgeous Sophie and Matt are, wouldn’t do these perfect people justice and the venue.. well.. read on !

Our day started at the beginning, with Sophie getting ready. From the moment we walked into the room we were embraced by her and her smile. Her friends, sister and Mum were all there having hair and make up done in one of the most beautiful bridal suites. Staff floated in and out ensuring everything was perfect, and the excitement was brewing.

While I stayed with the girls Ricky went to find Matt and the lads for some fun groom shots.

Boscundle Manor at this point was looking wonderful, the dining room was set up, the outside wedding service area was looking amazing and the guests, most of which had stayed over for this exclusive use venue were starting to spill out into the amazing grounds.(although one or two were having a quick swim in the indoor pool!)

I loved spending the morning with Sophie as she calmly got ready, she was so excited about her day, there were no nerves at all. When she put her pale silver/grey dress on covered with lace and beautiful detail on the back she took everybody’s breath away!

Her walk to Matt was through the gardens where she appeared at the top of the stone steps and amazed her guests and it was just all so perfect. After a very cold and windy week the sun was shining and hot and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Matts Mum was a florist and Matts Dad a covent garden Market wholesale flower seller. These amazing parents worked day and night to produce the most incredible display of flowers for their son and his new wife. Doorways were festooned with garlands, archways covered, every chair for every guest had a white wicker heart with fresh flowers on it, and every end of row chair a larger heart. The table centres were dramatic and huge and worked so well with the marque reception room. Every guests was given a buttonhole and Matts mum did all the bouquets. This couple astounded me with their talent and commitment, transporting all the flowers from London were they live and then all the work involved was a labour of love! but the venue looked incredible. Sophies parents made and iced the wedding cake, which was beautiful!

The service was happy and Matt and Sophie did not stop smiling throughout and as they walked down the aisle there was a shower of heart shaped confetti.

Boscundle Manor served Bucks-fizz and Rattler cider on the lawns, with an option of homemade lemonade for the non drinkers and the most tasty canapés were handed round to the guest’s. We took some photo’s then whisked the couple away to the beach and tall ships,where they had organised to get on board.
This is were the fun really started for us. Matt and Sophie had explained that they wanted a break from the norm shots when we met them last year, but the hour long meeting in our living room didn’t really give us a feel of just how humorous this couple are. Matt has a thing for cannons, if there’s a cannon he needs to straddle it, so we had to get that, Sophie and Matt love a bit of tug of war, great there were plenty of ropes, check! shot that too. They also did a great impression of Titanic, Matt likes anything industrial, so we had large oil drums involved, we also had reversible waistcoats that went with the nautical beach theme for when we hit the sand. Matt also explained that he feels nowadays people are just too reserved, so INSISTED on a grabbing of Sophie’s boobs shot and INSISTED it go on our blog, I forever one for a bit of humour was more than happy to oblige.. so that shots for you Matt! ( I do hope we shot it artistically enough to get away with not causing any offence!)

We had such fun, but knew the food was going to be served, so made a dash back to Boscundle Manor just as the lovely Sharon, the owner was calling in the guests. Platters of seafood and antipasti were piled on tables and the party continued. What I loved about this venue, it is so perfectly run, very family run and done just right. While the guests were enjoying the meal, open fires were lit in the lounge so after dinner when the evening chill sets in the house would be already cosy. Sharon and David are wonderful people and oversee everything there and their staff and so friendly, yet so professional. Everything just seems to happen… as if by magic.

And the magic continued, as a surprise for the guest after dinner Mr.B’s vintage icecream van appeared. This delighted young and old alike and soon everyone was happily indulging in triple scoop tubs with three flakes! ( yes it was that good)

Before you knew it the room had been turned around in record time and the DJ and Band were starting up, the fireworks, another surprise for the guests would happen a bit later and we left a very packed dance floor full of revellers and sambuca shots !

Sophie and Matt, thank you for being you! we just loved covering your wedding, it ROCKED!!!!!

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