wedding photograper cornwall St.Ives KISS Photography Ice cream at wedding

Those of you who read this blog and follow our facebook page and twitter will realise that I have a sweet tooth. I love cake, I really do, but theres a new passion emerging, icecream. Over the last 4 years we have encountered many an ice cream van/cart, dessert. Theres Mr.B’s with there cute retro ice cream icecream van that will rock up to your wedding venue in Cornwall and serve up to the masses. They even offer ice cream cake for the really committed. There is sweet indulgence the gorgeous traditional ice cream bike run by a lovely lady. Theres also the Cornish Ice Cream Trike, he wears a very daper boater. And we even shot one wedding where the couple convinced the local ice cream van man to come off his Saturday at a certain time and park up ourside there venue, have what you want and they just settled the bill with him before he left.

Ice cream it seems is the dessert! the kids love it, the oldies love it the bride and groom cant get enough of it and even the photographers love it ( to photograph of course)

So here are a few of our ice cream shots to share with you,enjoy.