carbis bay wedding photographer

The stunning Carbis Bay Hotel was the wedding venue for Hannah and Marc’s wedding. The tide was out and the private beach looked stunning.

We had a lovely morning with Marc and his friends while waiting for all the guest’s to arrive and Hannah in Lola from Strawberry Leisure. Marc was a tad nervous, but still kept his sense of humour and fun, he was great, what a lovely guy.

Hannah arrived in the camper filled with gorgeous ladies, lots of pink and her lovely Dad. They all looked so happy and excited and they got out in a flurry of ivory and candy pink chiffon. Hannah looked amazing and didn’t seem nervous at all!

The service was wonderful. The Carbis Bay Hotel had thrown open the conservatory  doors and I stood outside looking in. I could hear the gentle swish of the waves, the odd seagull cry and the sun was shinning down. Could a wedding day be any better?

Our job as reportage style photographers is to observe, and over the years we have perfected it down to a fine art. You read the situation, you have already spent the morning capturing the guests, and you just know what to look out for, when the moments will happen, when the bride will give her new groom a dazzling smile. I love this part of our job, I love watching from behind my lens. Hannah and Marc gave us loads of these moments, there were giggles and laughter, glances at each other, looks of love and also concentration during the serious bits.  I loved the shot I got of Hannah’s Nan, a single tear of emotion running down her face, so happy and so proud of her Granddaughter, the next shot was her husband gently putting his arm around her and smiling at her. Both sets of parents so proud and full of love. I loved the look Hannah and her Dad exchanged when he was asked if he would give her hand to Marc, it was a quick glance that spoke a thousand words, a moment of love, of thanks to her Dad and also a look that only a father and daughter can share, the look that says you know I will still always be close. After the service on the beach the Paige boys and flower girls went wild and we got some fantastic photographers of some crazy moment’s. Getting them how they were feeling at that time, just been let out of a wedding service and straight down onto a sunny beach. They ran and chased and we got it all.

What a lovely wedding, it finished before a high tea was served with a ride in Lola the Strawberry Leisure camper van around St.Ives, tooting all the way, Hannah and Marc waving at the crowds.

A great couple to spend a special time with. Thank you and hope you are having a great time in Cornwall. Victoria at The Carbis Bay Hotel, thank you for another amazing wedding. Enjoy these few photographs of a great day. X