Merchant Manor-Falmouth St. Euny Church

Richard and Erica were married at the wonderful St.Euny church yesterday. It was one of the nicest church services I have ever witnessed. The blessing the vicar made to them was all about Cornwall, something along the lines of ” may your marriage be as strong as the rocks the Cairn Bray castle is built from and may your marriage be fluid like the grains of sand on Godrevy beach’ it was all so beachy and Cornish and so very apt and touching. The vicar was so very sweet and let us have freedom to do our job, while she did hers perfectly and we all got the best out of a wonderful moment. Erica looked stunning on her dress of chiffon and white orchids in her hair. The guys wore morning suits with pale green cravats. The whole effect was summery and light and fresh and it was the hottest day of the year, so it worked so well.

We zoomed to Falmouth beach after the service following a very classy navy classic Jag and I have never seen the beach so very crowded, but we got what we needed and had fun, the gardens are beautiful too so Richard and Erica were happy to stand under the shade of the palm trees for a few more photos. Then we went to the fantastic Merchants Manor Hotel. Richards dad informed me that he and his wife had their wedding reception there 39 years ago, and when Richard and Erica booked the hotel they had no idea they were following in the parents footsteps. I loved that connection, and I am sure it made the wedding day even more special.

Richard and Erica were such lovely easy going people and we so enjoyed our time with them, they must have been so very hot on the beach in 32deg.heat,but they smiled and went along with it all. At the Merchants Manor Hotel they treated their guests to Roskilly’s ice cream which was welcomed by all and the lads had a game of boules. It was a perfect summer day wedding.

I loved the Merchants Manor Hotel, with its huge Victorian reception rooms in soft shades of grey and white and lovely eclectic mix of furniture styles and the reception room looked stunning. Erica and Richard went to so much trouble, every single place setting was the guests name written in the sand, I loved that touch!

We left as the room was clapping and cheering the very happy pair, who we know will be happy together forever, they were both just fab! Big kiss from Kiss Photography! X