carbis bay hotel

Saturday was a beautiful crisp perfect November day, and our day started perfectly at bride Emmas family home. We were greeted by Emma’s lovely Mum, a crowd of girls, the talented Sarah from Tregenna Castle‘s hair salon and a glass of champagne.
From the start I knew this wedding was going to be fantastic, I truly believe what makes a perfect wedding are the people that are part of it, and the morning vibe was happy, high spirited and warm. Step Dad Furry then arrived and with him a host of surprises. He is a man who enjoyed making people smile and be happy and he had organised surprise after surprise for Emma, they just seem to unfold as the day went on. The first being the wedding announcement on Cornwall’s Pirate FM,the limo for the lads, then the Flambard’s aeroplane with a Emma and Brett Banner, The Blues Brother Band for the evening, and I never did find out who organised the surprise fireworks, but they were the finale to a really special day.
The church service was lovely in Bedford Road Church St.Ives, and the minister gave us free rein to shoot, which is always so kind and so wonderful as there are some fabulous moments during the service.
Emma and Brett snuck off to the Island for some special photos as Emma’s great-great-great Grandad built it, it was definitely a piece of history that couldn’t be forgotten.
The reception was held at the beautiful Carbis Bay Hotel, and co-ordinated by the fantastic Cara, who had everything running like a dream.
Emma looked amazing in her dress of soft tulle and glittering diamanté, the ivory was set off by the deep red’s of the roses. The boys looked amazing in their morning suits and red cravats. The wedding as touches of red petals everywhere and it set of this winter wedding wonderfully. Emma’s lovely sister Carly was the bridesmaid and she worn a stunning black taffeta dress and all Emma’s close friends were corsage girls and wore cream flowers on their wrists. A lovely touch.
What struck me was just how friendly everyone was and how the who day was one big celebration from start to finish. There were no nerves, no stress, just pure fun!
Emma and Brett, the perfect day had to be down to you guys, your sunny nature and amazing personalities just shone through, and every guest just seem to smile all day and evening long.
We were looked after so well we want to say thank you. I am really looking forward to having a peek at Plan 9‘s video just to relive such a cracking day! It was such a pleasure to photograph!
As we left the Carbis Bay Hotel, the Blues brothers band was rocking the crowded dance floor, the candles were lit on the table, the hotel was buzzing with excitement, the last of the fireworks were still smoking on the beach, the evening buffet was being laid out and as I turned to take one last peek I just thought ” wow! what a wedding!”
Congratulation’s Emma and Brett, may your life together be like your special day, happy, amazing and so very very special.