Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens wedding photography

I am blogging this beautiful wedding in a  slightly different way from our usual ones. I wanted to highlight the whole feel of this wedding from start to finish. Shot at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, a venue we have only visited as visitors and not ever in the wedding capacity, a place that I fell in love with the moment I saw it, we were thrilled to get a wedding booking here. The gorgeous Victoria married the very lovely Luke here on Monday afternoon, with just seven guest’s joining them, all close family members. They wanted a beautiful but understated no-fuss wedding and this little perfect hideaway of a tropical garden with its modern art and its enchanted woodland feel was just perfect. They wed in the beautiful wooden summerhouse overlooking the magnificent gardens, the wood adorned with flowers. After they wandered and sipped champagne and home-made lemonade with mint and fresh raspberries in. The family went to the lime tree cafe while we took Victoria and Luke through the gardens for photos. Then when they arrived a table was set and on it glass bottles of sweetpeas and stocks. Dinner was being served that evening at the couples favourite hotel Boskerris Hotel in Carbis Bay, so light nibbles were ordered. We were treated to food too, and what a treat. The most delicate canapes, and so very tasty and fab, just what is needed on a summers afternoon in the sunshine. Tempura of courgette and broccoli with soy dipping sauce, delicate crab tartlets, asparagus frittata… it went on. Then the desserts all bite size and melt in your mouth served on beautiful cake stands adorned with pink rose petals dusted in icing sugar… I really think it could not have been more perfect. I personally am not a three course meal type of food person and this was a stunning combination of perfect food and just the right feel of casual yet sophisticated dining.

After lunch was over we took this lovely pair to the beach in St.Ives for some more photos and the sun just shone for us. it was picture perfect, just like them and their wedding day. Victoria looked incredible in her lace dress and fantastic flowers and the lovely blue details on Luke’s suit, even down to his laces was noted and he looked so very cool!

I hope you like the photos that you see, its a beautiful reportage combination of the day how we saw it through our camera. From the arrival of the beautiful bride in this fantastic location, the looks of love, the confetti, the walk back, the food , the details and the finish ( for us) at the beach. I know a lot of brides to be follow our blog, and this time I wanted to give more of an insight as to what a you can get from you natural wedding photography. I totally loved every moment of this wedding, made even more special that these two were the perfect pair and their families just so welcoming and friendly. Thank you for letting us capture you day and may you always be in love and holidaying in St.Ives! Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6349Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7278Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6372Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-0145Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6375Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6385Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6393Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-0161Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-0167Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-0173Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-0176Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7313Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-0202Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6465Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-0214Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6486Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7379Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6494Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7399Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7412Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7430Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7435Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-0226Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6527Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6533Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6537Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6549Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6576Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6579Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7514Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7521Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-0289Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7535Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7567Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-6591Tremenheere-Sculpture-Gardens-weddings-7628