Carbis Bay Hotel Wedding Photography

Here at Kiss Photography this week we have been out of our beach zone, not one but two weddings over the weekend have taken us on the cliffs. The weather was stunning and the call of the Cornish wild cliff-tops beckoned our brides and grooms.

Karen married Adam on Friday. We spent a very fun morning at Karen’s house with her family. Karen had her make-up done by the very talented Sally Orchard and she looked incredible. The flowers were dropped off by Lizi at Wheal Sara Flowers in St Ives and she also happened to be a good friend of Karen and had to rush to the church to dress it and then get ready to be a guest for the day! The atmosphere was just fun and happy, Karen’s twin sister was there to lace the dress, help with the shoes and generally be the best sister in the world. Karen’s mother was there for the needed Mum support and to giggle and laugh and keep us all happy and relaxed and Karen’s Dad was there to crack jokes all morning and keep all three of his ladies in high spirits!

Cornwall VW wedding hire turned up to to chauffeur this great family to the church where we were greeted by a fantastic vicar. Meanwhile Adam looking amazing in his St. Pirans black and cream tartan was with his friends and his brother meeting and greeting the guests. After the lovely service Karen and Adam jumped in the Cornwall VW Wedding hire Campervan to go to Godrevy lighthouse for a photoshoot. I love this location and the weather conditions were perfect. Darren did an excellent job allowing us to get the perfect shots of Karen and Adam and van down the rugged Godrevy drive. Thank you Sir!

Carbis Bay hotel was the next venue, where Karen and Adam wanted all guests to the beach for photos which looked excellent, Cornwall VW Wedding hire once again did a grand job of transporting bride and groom to the beach edge and then getting the van into the prime location for more shots.

The party carried on a high tea was served, we all cried in the speeches, and the cake was cut and the sweetie bar opened! And later after a few more snaps on the beach they all partied to the sounds of Plan B Sound and Lighting.

Adam and Karen you are a fantastic couple and we had a great day with you both and your lovely family and friends. Thank you! We wish you a life of fun and love!carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0052carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1116carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7891carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-9573carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-9601carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1294carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-9604carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-9623carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-9627carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-9637carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7910carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0375carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-9797carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-9836carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0019carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0070carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1437carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-8164carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0120carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-0188carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-9896