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this is where you will find some of our most recent work

our blog

this is where you will find some of our most recent work

Newdowns Farm St.Agnes Wedding venue

If you ever imagine the perfect marquee wedding in Cornwall, a wedding where the sun shines, the view in the distance is of the rolling hills and cliff tops of Cornwall and turquoise sea in the distance. Where your guests chill in the sunshine and the drink and canapés just flow. Then this is the wedding you imagined.

Sophie and Alex got married at St.Agnes parish church on Saturday, best service I have ever been too! superb vicar who made it perfect!

Before the church we spent a lovely morning with Sophie and her friends and family at her friends house getting ready. It was lovely and very relaxed, they had breakfast in the garden and enjoyed a celebratory drink together. Meanwhile the wedding guests gathered at the local pub opposite the church, it was a proper village wedding, it really did feel as though everyone was involved.

The church was dressed beautifully with flowers and when Sophie entered looking absolutely incredible in her amazing dress the picture perfect wedding progressed!

Alex looked so very smart and the pair just grinned. After the church we zoomed off to the cliff tops once again to were Alex had proposed two years ago to the day. The photos we are so very pleased with, the bride, the groom and the view just stunning!

Then off to the marquee reception venue Newdowns Farm and our brief was to capture all the friends and family having fun, being natural and capturing the moment and the day. I love this kind of photography, it gives me the chance to do what I love observing and capturing what I see. We had such fun mingling with the guests, having the odd chat and getting what Sophie and Alex wanted. I think the few photos we have selected for this blog sums up just a touch of the fun and smiles had by all.

We finished just as the party got into full swing and more and more guests were arriving across the fields, the sun was still high in the sky being the summer solstice, the day just went on. Perfect wedding? yep!

Thanks to this great duo, you made it all so easy for us at Kiss Photography by just being you, easy going and so very relaxed. A fab day! st-agnes-wedding-1555st-agnes-wedding-8330st-agnes-wedding-0313st-agnes-wedding-1591st-agnes-wedding-0341st-agnes-wedding-0346st-agnes-wedding-0355st-agnes-wedding-8375st-agnes-wedding-0419st-agnes-wedding-0472st-agnes-wedding-0563st-agnes-wedding-0568st-agnes-wedding-0582st-agnes-wedding-03st-agnes-wedding-0601st-agnes-wedding-0612st-agnes-wedding-0616st-agnes-wedding-0635st-agnes-wedding-1674st-agnes-wedding-02st-agnes-wedding-0643st-agnes-wedding-8535st-agnes-wedding-8541st-agnes-wedding-0971st-agnes-wedding-0702st-agnes-wedding-01st-agnes-wedding-1056st-agnes-wedding-0809

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