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our blog

this is where you will find some of our most recent work

Cornish Tipi Wedding

On the weekend of Glastonbury music festival Joi and Joel had their very own festival inspired wedding at the incredible Cornish Tipi wedding venue.

We drove down the twisty turny lanes to get to Port Issac that was bathed in sunlight and had a real holiday feel about it this sunny weekend. Joi was getting ready in a little Cornish Harbour house with her mum and her friend. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed and just lovely.

Joi had her make up and hair done by Neila as did her bridesmaid and as always with Neila the make up was picture perfect.

I fell in love with Joi’s dress, which was pretty stunning and then I spotted the gold Jimmy Choo Shoes and thought I had gone to wedding heaven!

After the morning preparations were well under way it was time to leave and make our way to one of Cornwall’s most amazing wedding venues The Cornish Tipi weddings. The weather couldn’t have been kinder on this Saturday, the sun was high and the trees created that lovely dappled look. The walk down though the woodland path was the perfect way for the guests to start this wedding day journey. Upon arrival at the wood clearing guests were treated to music by the very talented Sam Green. The tree was festooned with hanging hearts and the pavilion decorated with paper origami cranes which symbolises a good marriage and long life in Eastern folklore. Joi walked though the meadow on her fathers arm and it couldn’t have been a more prettier sight.

The service was beautiful, confetti was thrown and the guests nibbled on pasties and scones and sipped champagne. Joi and Joel took out a rowing boat, this venue has its own lake and the photos are stunning.

As the guests ambled back to the main tipi sight we caught up with them there. A marquee filled with bunting, jam jars of Pimms on tap, a bar a gourmet BBQ, music, a kids entertainment tipi. Later on in the evening another band rocked up Gentlemen of Few, and the dance floor rocked! Joi put on her dancing clothes and stole the floor, amazing lady! Fire lanterns were lit by the Cornish Tipi lovely organisers and a camp fire was blazing, the ice cream trike had come and delivered dessert and home made cakes were being tucked into. A fire juggler entertained us all as the night time fell and the stars shone and after his act beautiful fireworks filled the sky. The “man-tent” whiskey was being served to warm everyone up and everyone was chilling out on hay bales wrapped in blankets.

I totally fell in love with Cornish Tipis as a wedding venue. The guys and lady that run it did so with care and love and attention to detail but did so in such a way they blended in and things just seem to happen. I truly envy their job’s, getting to work and spend time on this wonderful piece of land, flying around on the quad making everything happen. You could tell the guys loved working here too, this place runs on passion and love, its amazing.

Joi and Joel you turned your wedding day into something totally amazing and very unique and special. You are lovely people with a passion for fun and laughter. Your wedding day was relaxed and beautiful and we loved being there to capture the day. Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome, for letting us share your day and photograph it for you. Thank you Joel for keeping us fed and watered and making us feel so comfortable. I want to give a huge mention to the amazing parents of this couple who must have also worked so very hard to get this day to happen, working at weddings all the time we know exactly what goes into the attention to detail and knew you were all a big part of it. Wonderful times and you will have wonderful memories of a special day.

All the best to Joi and Joel, a part of me is always disappointed I don’t go to Glastonbury any more, but your wedding totally made up for it on Saturday!

We wish you all the love in the world! tipi-weddings-1441tipi-weddings-04tipi-weddings-0894tipi-weddings-0974tipi-weddings-tipi-weddings-1024tipi-weddings-08tipi-weddings-1186tipi-weddings-05tipi-weddings-1204tipi-weddings-1662tipi-weddings-1724tipi-weddings-1994tipi-weddings-2090tipi-weddings-06tipi-weddings-2138tipi-weddings-03tipi-weddings-2230tipi-weddings-8988tipi-weddings-02tipi-weddings-2006tipi-weddings-07tipi-weddings-9369tipi-weddings-1535

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