Tregenna Castle Hotel and Carbis Bay Hotel St.Ives

One of the most popular questions we are asked during meetings is ‘What do you do if it rains all day on our wedding day?’ well the photos you are about to see are your answer. We still take fabulous, beautiful photos, you still have the time of your life, you still smile all day and you still walk away with a set of photographs that you will treasure forever. I can say hand on heart Ceri and Phill had the time of their life’s last weekend.

This gorgeous couple got married at the stunning Tregenna Castle Hotel in St.Ives, after a wonderful morning of friends and family all getting ready together. Ceri looked absolutely stunning in her amazing dress and Philip so very handsome in blue. An entourage of stunning bridesmaids and super smart groomsmen completed this stunning wedding look. Wheal Sara flowers from St.Ives once again created flowers with a beautiful twist that made them stand out from the rest.

Friends and family travelled from all over Britain to attend this wedding of this couple, and Phil and Ceri smiled throughout the whole service.

After Tregenna Castle the wedding party made their way to the beautiful Carbis Bay Hotel for their reception. Canapes were served, the room looked stunning thanks to Cara the amazing wedding coordinator there and the party was in full swing. The group photos we decided with the bride and groom to shoot inside. In this beautiful hotel with its large spaces this was not an issue. We cleared a few sofas and had our very own indoor studio to capture the formals!

We hit the beach as this lovely couples dream was an outdoor wedding shoot and these tow were amazing sports, their dear friend held umbrellas, flowers and the garter (!) for us and we got some stunning work. The beach at Carbis Bay was empty, the sand foot print free, and to be honest rain or not it looked stunning. Ceri and Phillip you two were amazing, and we had such fun, as we walked off the beach Ceri said how glad she was she went out. Thank you so much to this great couple we are so glad you went to the beach too!

Wishing this happy-go-lucky fantastic pair a fabulous married life! tregenna-hotel-weddings-2529tregenna-hotel-weddings-1609tregenna-hotel-weddings-2555tregenna-hotel-weddings-1644tregenna-hotel-weddings-1724tregenna-hotel-weddings-1732tregenna-hotel-weddings-9595tregenna-hotel-weddings-2432tregenna-hotel-weddings-2389tregenna-hotel-weddings-1925tregenna-hotel-weddings-2003tregenna-hotel-weddings-2320tregenna-hotel-weddings-2354tregenna-hotel-weddings-2362tregenna-hotel-weddings-2397tregenna-hotel-weddings-2400tregenna-hotel-weddings-2767tregenna-hotel-weddings-9762tregenna-hotel-weddings-9809tregenna-hotel-weddings-9817tregenna-hotel-weddings-9838tregenna-hotel-weddings-9846tregenna-hotel-weddings-9885