Green Bank Hotel wedding in Falmouth

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I want to tell the whole story of this wedding day yesterday, because its a beautiful story, and a story that needs to be told.
Its a story about love, never ending love. A special kind of love story that goes on and on and still has a happy ending. It’s Heather and Stephens love story and it started 22 years ago.

I think it is so special when after being together for so long a beautiful wedding is held and the day is celebrated by so many and there are so many smiles and laughter, a beautiful bride a proud groom, a gorgeous hotel, stunning flowers and an elegant cake.

Stephen and Heather, this is your wedding day!

We arrived at Heather and Stephens pretty house and Heather wasn’t there! She was still having her hair done, so we chatted to her family and then she arrived looking fabulous, very excited and the bucks fizz was poured. Make-up was done by Sally Orchard, who we highly recommend for not only her amazing talent but her calming influence on the morning preparations.
Heather’s home was filled with parents, friends, close family and everyone was having a lovely morning of getting everything ready.

The vintage car broke down, but this did not dampen spirits, the problem was solved with a spanking new Mercedes and the bride arrived with moments to spare.

Stephen and his best man were waiting at the Greenbank Hotel‘s door for Heather and his face lit up. I overheard his best man say, “you are a lucky man” and he couldn’t take his eyes off her when he answered ” I know”

Heather looked incredibly stunning and I love the photograph of them meeting for the first time on the wedding morning. I loved how they entered together and I loved after the service Heather going over to kiss her Mum. I don’t know what her mother whispered in her ear, but the photo speaks a thousand words, love and pride, and just another moment of a very blissful day.
I have included the congratulations from the couples nearest and dearest, the happy smiling faces of the guests, the moment of one of Heathers nieces pinning the corsage onto her Grandfathers jacket. All these little details made the day what it was.
After the meal the bestman and Stephens son’s went out onto the jetty, pints in hand and had a bit of a giggle, they asked us to join them and the photos were great!

The moody skies that threatened rain just made for more dramatic wedding photos for us here at Kiss Photography. We are very pleased with what we got.

Our work as wedding photographers here at Kiss Photography is reportage and you do get a whole story documented about your wedding day. I wanted to show this story, the whole story, ending with the foxtrot as a first dance, music played by a swing band. What an ending!

When we met Stephen and Heather, Stephen said that he booked us for the reason that our wedding photos had a warmth to them, he said he was happy for the couples we photographed even though he didn’t know them as we added a little something. Such kind words and such a lovely comment to say to a photographer. But we didn’t add anything to these, these two did it all!

Thank you both for a great day, for looking after us and for YOUR warmth.

B l o g   P o s t s
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