A beautiful Carbis Bay Wedding

Last weekend Kiss Photography covered Natalie and Dom’s beautiful wedding. What an amazing day these two had filled with lovely people, super weather, an empty beach, Lola the camper form Strawberry Leisure, the best cake table I have ever seen, a very funny best man speech, and a super pair.

Thank you Dom and Natalie for being super chilled, super fun and making our day and our photographs fantastic by being you.

I am sure everyone reading this blog will agree what a beautiful pair these guys are. I hope the photos we have chosen will sum up a little story if their day. From the getting ready in Carbis Bay, the two friends/bridesmaids helping the mother of the bride with the final details and the lacing, to Natalie’s Dad whispering a few words into Natalie’s ear. The classic church shot which I just love to the unbelievably pretty cakes and cookies (made by The Pink Elephant Cake Company )  and the romance and fun on the beach.

Cara, wedding co-ordinator at The Carbis Bay Hotel dressed the room as gorgeous as ever, and as always oversaw a picture perfect wedding.

For those of you who need to know, the perfect make up was by Suzi Winter and the fabulous hair by Capella. Both came to the house in Carbis Bay to work on the bride, mother of the bride and the two beautiful bridesmaids. Would recommend both these ladies for fabulous wedding work.

Dom and Natalie have a beautiful life together forever.carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5181carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5253carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4533carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5265carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7372carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5336carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4574carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4584carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5365carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5368carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7499carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1886carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7526carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5503carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5520carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7598carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1927carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1947carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4632carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7717carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7891carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4759