Tregenna Castle wedding photography

Gorgeous is the word I would use. Nicky the bride was absolutely stunning and the beautifully styled room at Tregenna Castle looking as delightful as always. The service was outside, which always makes a Tregenna Castle Wedding even more special. The groom and his best man looked very handsome and the bridesmaids looked so very pretty.

I love Elles’s Inspire Hire wedding styling, she is amazing. The old books used on the tables were such a cool touch. There were literally flowers everywhere and the muted dusky colours were so impressive and went so well with the bridesmaids colours.

We had a perfect day with Nicky and Mark, we were there from beginning to end. We saw the confetti cones being filled by the ushers, we captured Nicky holding back floods of emotion while opening her morning gifts from Mark ( the make up had been done, she couldn’t let that mascara run!)

We were there for the touching and beautiful service and the amazing bridal walk down Tregenna Castles steps. Drinks on the lawn like the fabulous garden party it was. A Kiss Photography photoshoot down Porthminister beach. Funny ( very funny) speeches. A lovely sweet cart from Kelly’s sweet treets.  First dance and our Kiss Photography photobooth to end a fabulous evening.

Nicky and Mark, you made us laugh, you made us feel part of your amazing wedding day. We had great fun, your families and friends are great. Thank you for booking Kiss Photography and we wish you a perfect marriage! x tregenna-hotel-weddings-6310tregenna-hotel-weddings-6324tregenna-hotel-weddings-8638tregenna-hotel-weddings-8669tregenna-hotel-weddings-5081tregenna-hotel-weddings-2425tregenna-hotel-weddings-2431tregenna-hotel-weddings-8781tregenna-hotel-weddings-8836tregenna-hotel-weddings-6502tregenna-hotel-weddings-6543tregenna-hotel-weddings-6561tregenna-hotel-weddings-8951tregenna-hotel-weddings-8963tregenna-hotel-weddings-8973tregenna-hotel-weddings-2572tregenna-hotel-weddings-9006tregenna-hotel-weddings-5137tregenna-hotel-weddings-9024tregenna-hotel-weddings-6605tregenna-hotel-weddings-2652tregenna-hotel-weddings-9183