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this is where you will find some of our most recent work

our blog

this is where you will find some of our most recent work

Hannafore Point Hotel Wedding photography

Alex and Laurens wedding was a wonderful story, a story that started many years years before either of them were even born as their parents were close university friends, the story unfolds and the love grew and that’s where we; Kiss Photography, came into it as their wedding photographers booked only to tell the story of one day, but the most important day so far.

On the Saturday of the Easter weekend, in a beautiful church in Morval near Looe Cornwall we arrived to find a very calm and lovely groom and his team of fun, crazy best men. The church a sea of yellow, white and cream looked so cheerful and was a breath of spring. The details on the suits echoed the colours. We spent a lovely morning covering the guests arriving, capturing the lads formally (well as formal as it got) a quick kiss from the best man to the groom and a head massage also!

Lauren the bride arrived and I love the photograph of her waiting in the doorway of the church. The service was formal, touching, funny and perfect, and with lots of references to Star Wars that went right over my head, but made Ricky chuckle.

The wedding rings went on, the groom was given some Rolo’s and “the kiss” was placed. Another beautiful moment, another photograph I just love!

We went outside to a sea of confetti, the most I have ever seen I think in all the years we have photographed weddings. The ‘Jackie O’ shades went on and the fun began. What a great family and what fab friends these guys have!

The wedding reception was at The Hannafore Point Hotel and the small rocky beach was divine for some graphical wedding photography that looks quite dramatic. We did the beautiful poses and moved onto to the ” I must get some photographs of me hiding as its an “in” joke between my sister and I ” shots. I just loved these and Lauren will be impressed they made the blog I am sure!

The speeches were so funny, all of them, and then one of the Best Men along with Lauren the bride did a Disney Frozen song to the Groom Alex, with a few words changed to make it work, perfect!

When we left the moon over the sea was waiting to be photographed and as Lauren and her Dad share a passion for space it had to be captured, just in case they were having so much fun on the dance floor they missed it!

Lauren and Alex, you two are such a special pair and it was such a pleasure to spend the day with you. Thank you for…. well being you, you ROCK!

Wishing you a lifetime of laughs and love and Star Wars xxx hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-6241hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1347hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-7457hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-3050hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-6256hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-7570hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-7582hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-6277hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-3127hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-7694hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-3148hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-7696hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1721hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1751hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1775hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1794hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1801hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1823hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1856hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1882hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1896hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-3215hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-1908hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-6329hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-6395hannefore-point-hotel-wedding-photography-2198

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