Tregenna Castle May wedding

The moment I first met Renata on her wedding morning she said to me ” I don’t like a lot of fuss” and maybe that’s why her and Russell’s beautiful wedding was simply perfect! Their totally relaxed attitude to everything shone through. Renata’s gorgeous dress so classically beautiful, the fabulous flowers, simple and totally effective, the perfectly behaved kids but , above all, the love and the laughter from family and friends. A lovely pair so very much in love so deserve to be together forever. Tregenna Castle was the venue for the marriage and the service was held outside. It was all just perfect, the couple then mingled with there guests and we took them to Porthminister beach for some photographs. Everything went off like a dream and the whole wedding photography was very reportage and very natural as they wanted.

After the meal the guests spilled out into Tregenna’s grounds and the chilled atmosphere and vibe continued, we got a few more shots and then the evening celebrations began. Renata and Russel surprised their guests with a Tango dance, it was superb, so professional the crowd were left amazed.

Our blog photos show Renata and Russel’s day as it was from the flowers girl taking a rest while the bride got ready to Jack, the couples little boy, stealing a hug and kiss from his Mum just after she walked down the aisle. The natural beauty of this fabulous bride shone through in every shot. We were honoured to be part of such a lovely day, thank you so much. Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-8478Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-0498Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-8514Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-5626Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-0610Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-0581Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-5816Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-5666Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-0687Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-8005Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-8083Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-8031Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-8629Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-8757Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-0726Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-5832Tregenna-Castle-Hotel-wedding-Photography-8345