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LA DOLCE VITA!! Translates as The Sweet Life. Today our studio was sweet. We had Amanda’s wedding cakes here at Kiss Photography. They were very funky and we got some fantastic shots. But what got me was the amazing sweet smell, it hung in the air. I wondered if you even smell it anymore when you work with them all day every day? I know a lot of florists claim they hardly smell the flowers anymore ( what a pity). Anyway its rare to be in room with more than one wedding cake, and the sweet sweet smell of all that lovely icing was justView full post »

Watch this web site, final touches and we should have our on-line gifts up and running soon. Ricky is out shooting today, while I am office based. Its really sunny and what a relief as hes on a location shoot, on a beach. The sky and sea from my window look so tempting, but judging by the amount of layers Rick was wearing when he went out, i think he knows looks can be deceiving!View full post »

So I have a new computer, well new for me, its actually Ricky’s old one, but being Mr. Graphic Designer man, he has to have the latest and greatest with the biggest screen, and rightly so. So my “new” computer is great but all my photographs were on another machine and I missed them. So we set about transporting them over. It was only then I realised I have over 15,000 pictures. Now not a lot for a photographer, but these are nothing to do with our jobs. These are our friends and loved ones only. These are myView full post »

Its raining in St.Ives. My photography project that’s been brewing for …well too long, was supposed to get off the ground this week, and the rain has meant it hasn’t, but lots of things that really needed doing has. We have been handling lots of bridal inquiries, meeting nice people, and for some reason its gone print order mad on the portrait side. Shot a bump in November, that bump has just become a baby, welcome little one and enjoy the world.View full post »

We have been in contact with Amanda who is the lady behind Cakes By Design, and asked her if we can photograph some of her wedding cakes in our studio. Its a good time of year for us to be doing this sort of thing as its not so busy on the wedding front. She has said yes and we look forward to getting stuck in, to photographing them that is NOT eating them, although she does make the most delicious chocolate cakes, and the lemon sponge is quite something too. Honestly, we don’t take a bite at weddings!!!!!! we just useView full post »

Had a studio day today, the most beautiful little girl in the most pretty white dress, to be photographed for keepsakes for the parents and to send of to Granny who lives in the US. She was so sweet and funny and had so much character that we got some beautiful work. The parents wanted a real mixed bag of shots as they were going to order a digital photo book as well, so we needed to shoot a lot. We ended up taking her out of the studio and got some gorgeous pictures of her by the window and on the sofa. I got in some flowers and made herView full post »

Went for a walk in St.Ives today and it was truly stunning, the sun was shining fiercely down onto the sand and the turquoise water just sparkled. But it was FREEZING. I said to Ricky what amazing pictures you would get from a Cornish bride and groom on the beach today, you would think it was the height of summer when looking back at the photos. He shivered just at the thought. The light is so special at this time of year in St.Ives. Its amazing all year round, but there’s something about November, December andView full post »

An office based day today sorting out this years advertising etc and its all so exciting. I am just getting so many ideas and as I am putting together our ads, more plans and designs are coming together. I just cant wait to get that next wedding album together as we have some really fantastic layout ideas that are going to make each album look even more special. I love the fact that wedding albums are a lifelong book, you keep it forever, look at it often and then show your children and grandchildren. The first time I rememberView full post »

Fantastic our first inquiry for 2009 happened today, I didn’t expect the wedding fever to start so soon, but I guess someone had to be the first. Sounds like the wedding will be fun, full evening dress for a late wedding, DJ’s for the men and cocktail dress for the ladies, will post some pictures up once we have shot it as it sounds like its going to have a bit of a twist as well… watch this space, or should I say, watch the blog! So this has spurred me onto getting my little one up in the studio today for the annualView full post »

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