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Friday was the first day of spring, and on this day the lovely Bo and Dave tied the knot, we were honoured to be their photographers. The sun shone down on them, it was a truly glorious day. The service was in Falmouth, and after the guests went back to Bo and Daves house in Portreath, for a truly wonderful garden party, massive bowls of chocolate dipped strawberries, jam and huge piles of scones made a fab cream tea. There was bunting hanging and pink balloons, the chickens ran free and pecked up all the crumbs. It could have been theView full post »

Weddings…..The Difference.. Every bride and groom (to be) that we meet here at Kiss Photography, and we seem to be meeting a lot lately, in fact its sort of become a full time job, are different, and quite rightly so. This also means the wedding’s will also be different. Its funny, weddings are so very steeped in tradition, and yet no wedding is the same. The tradition part never gets lost, however off the wall, or different the wedding is; for example, we have never attended a wedding that doesn’t have a cake. Now theView full post »

We went on a recce last night to Carn Brae Castle, as we are shooting there in a couple of weeks, we wanted to do a quick camera test as we knew it was quite dark and lit only by candle light, we didn’t want any surprises on the day as we hadn’t been before. It was a misty moody night, we had a map, and we got completely lost, we could see the castle in the distance, but a few twists and turns later, it disappeared. Dusk was falling and we knew we had to find it, we really were in the middle of nowhere when a man appeared, heView full post »

The Camera Never Lies…… This phrase popped into my head today, Ricky was taking pictures of our little girl on a swing, her hair was flowing in the breeze and her face was a picture of pure delight, I knew the photos were going to be amazing of her, capturing delight is one of the best things you can capture. Then he turned the camera on me, I was on the swing next to her. I had hardly any make up on, my hair was windswept and i had just realised that actually swings made me feel slightly sick, not such a nice thing toView full post »

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