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TRASH THE DRESS I am sure most of you reading this blog would have heard of this. For those of you who have not here’s how it goes: You get married in an amazing wedding dress, you know (however much you try and convince yourself when purchasing your very expensive wedding dress) that you will NEVER wear this dress again! So you can bundle it up in the attic in a bin bag (never to be seen again), sell it on Ebay, give it to a charity shop, or TRASH THE DRESS. So trash the dress is a fun morning or afternoon that you wear your dress one moreView full post »

Went hunting for a church, a church on a unmarked road, down a little lane, by a field and tucked away. It didn’t seem to have a real address, so we wanted to find it before the wedding day. It was quite magical, with the most amazing church garden we have ever seen. The Magnolia trees laden with heavy blossom seemed to bow down to us as we wandered through. It had a wild but well kept feel to it, and I cant wait to see it in the height of summer when we will be there photographing a wedding. Ricky is well on his way to designing ourView full post »

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