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Yoga A yoga teacher, a sunny day, one of our favourite locations and a photoshoot for website and promotional shots. This sort of work is very interesting, as a photographer you are used to directing a shoot to a certain degree, of course there needs to be a certain amount of freedom and spontinaity, and especially with our weddings and our childrens photography there always is. But when photographing yogis ( I think this is what they are called) theres another dimension, for a start you have no idea how advanced the positions they canView full post »

Moody Teenagers! Isnt it amazing how a teenager, who really would rather be left alone, not spoken too and wants to keep adults well at bay can totally transform herself in front of a camera? We thought this particular shoot would be a tough one after getting the brief from the parents. But it was a bit of a bonding excercise between mother and daughter and hopefully with a nice set of keepsake prints at the end of it all. Well, we have just done the final edit, and we can honestly say its going to be a tough choice for the parents. TheView full post »

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