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The Haldon Belvedere, Exeter, a photographers dream location. So we were so happy to be photographing Naomi and James wedding there yesterday. The fact this watch tower stands alone in the middle of the countryside, just makes it more impressive. The fish eye lens came into its own here, and looking at the photographs very very late last night when we got home, we were very pleased with the results. James such a lovely man was game for anything and climbed the countless stairs not once but twice to take in the view ( and for the photographs, naturally) and Naomi, bless her, didn’tView full post »

As the evenings are getting chillier it will only be another six weeks or so when the manic busy wedding season will come to the end, winters are of course quieter. Usually this fills me with a tinge of sadness, as there’s nothing better for a photographer to be constantly busy and inspired all the time. This year however I am excited. This spring and summer has been so busy, we haven’t had a moment to up date our on-line gallery or our portfolios and  we have taken some of our best work yet this year. I cant wait to have the time to go through our hundreds of photographs andView full post »

working day and night for the last few weeks has brought us totally up to date on the albums. Its been such a busy summer of weddings, wonderful, but busy and the bookings are flooding in for next year now as well.View full post »

Ohhhhh what a lucky day. As my my super-dooper lens arrived AND my new camera bag, big enough to hold my super-dooper lens! Lucky me!View full post »

Our job has to be one of the best jobs in the world. We get to work with people who are having the best days of their lives. Everybody is always happy, we work in one of the most beautiful corners of England, actually, one of the most beautiful corners of the world! The beach is never more than a short drive away and the hotel staff, wherever we are in Cornwall, are always amazing and treat us so well. Then to make our working life even better we met Fiona and Rob who got married at Tregenna Castle yesterday. Judging by the speeches, the emotional tears, the smiles and the lovely lovelyView full post »

A weekend away filled with colour, art, visuals and fantastic photo opportunities The Big Chill Festival was an inspiration and an experience to get the creative juices flowing for what is becoming our busiest wedding season ever. It was lovely to take a few days out but always still with a camera in hand and enjoy an explosion of the photography senses. We traveled home and went straight into a full on wedding day the next day, totally re-charged and totally up for getting really really creative and had the most amazing day at Tregenna Castle!View full post »

Jack the little lad was in the kiss studio today. So grown up, it was only three months since his last photoshoot with KISS Photography, time is so presious, it goes so fast. What a lovely baby he is and love the camera!View full post »

On Saturday morning, we jumped in the car to Lakeview Country Club in Bodmin, where Michelle and Sean were having there wedding service and reception. We left ultra early as the holiday traffic is upon us and we also wanted to have the chance  to wander the beautiful grounds there and plan our day. The lake was a haven of tranquility and the beautiful trees gave scope for some interesting photographs. ( Ricky nearly broke the tranquil moment trying to get the perfect shot balancing on the edge of the lake on one foot at one point, and like I said at the time, be careful you are holding theView full post »

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