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Yesterday; mist, drizzle, rain,more mist, greyness and blooming freezing. I was so very disappointed, I needed it to be fantastic weather for Jo and Steve who were at Tregenna Castle. I knew Jo wanted to go to the beach for some photos, and I wanted all there dreams to come true, such a nice couple, they deserved a perfect wedding! This morning… wedding morning, blue skies, fluffy white clouds and sun sun sun! Jo looked incredible, roses were the theme, her beautiful strapless dress had a swath of satin roses going over one shoulder. Steve held it together well when he saw her walkingView full post »

went to Polurrian Hotel in preparation for a wedding we are photographing soon. Beautiful light classic hotel with the most amazing high ceilings and perfect rugged Cornish cliff and sea views. Today it was wild and windy, and it took your breath away, I can only believe on a sunnier day it will be even more so. Found some great photography spots there!  It just so happened that around the corner was the Trenance chocolate factory and cafe, after nearly being blown off a cliff the hot chocolate was needed and the best one I have ever had this side of the Tamar bridge! wonderful.  View full post »

Michelle married Dave yesterday at a fantastic church in Camborne, Trelothan, followed by a reception at the Lowennac Hotel. We arrived at Michelle’s parents house where Michelle was getting ready, her daughter Millie was napping, Michelle was sipping wine with her sister-in-law to be and her Mum, and her Dad was having words with Maisy the dog, who seemed to take an instant dislike to our cameras ( we wooed her in the end, and I even got a happy tail wag) All was calm, everything was under control and it was just lovely. Michelle looked incredible, a real life princess, her tulleView full post »

I couldn’t believe Laura was the first of the three grown up kids to be wed, as it was like a wedding had taken place at her parents place a hundred times before. OK, one bedroom turned into a beauty parlour, sister Erin ( a beautician and bridesmaid) all made up, nails done, hair done, just putting the finishing touches to Laura the bride. three little bridesmaids, nails done, hair almost done, excited, looking cute and perfectly behaved, Dad almost ready, Mums bedroom, dresses laid out, everything on white sheets, ready to photograph, everything running to a time table, arrival ofView full post »

When Darren said to Jane he wanted a West Ham themed wedding, she didn’t say “YES! what a fab plan” then she though about the colours and thought, hmmm Raspberry and Aqua , I could work with that. And Darren’s dream wedding, with his dream bride started to take shape. I spent the morning with Jane, and she is one of these wonderful people that you just want to wrap up and take home with you. Shes bubbly, positive, friendly and just so very nice, it was a pleasure to capture her getting ready for her special day. So it was pouring with rain and it was a beach themedView full post »

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