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Well what an amazing photography year we have had at KISS this 2011. We were the busiest we have ever been with weddings, and it was a blast. We have captured so many amazing moments and met so many fantastic couples and as a result, presented so many fantastic albums to some very happy people. We have some great memories of the spring and summer. We had the horse and carriage that ran away and the story was so dramatic it even made the papers. We had the cliche moment of the best man that really did forget the rings ( that has NEVER happened before at a wedding we have covered ) we have hadView full post »

Many years ago now, I studied at The London College Of Fashion, my first insight into the world of photography. I was always a good planner and organiser and pretty soon I found myself in the wonderful world of fashion photography production. In those days my own photography was just a hobby, I was the chief organiser, planner, putting together and making it all happen photography girl. I was also the fashion photographers confidant. Many times a fashion editor would get engaged and call me up asking if so-and-so fashion photographer would shoot their wedding the answer was always ” NOView full post »

Here is a pop-art inspired image of little Sonny – happy little soul xView full post »

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