how hdr photography can benefit your property


HDR photography

Do you think you could benefit from an interior/property photographer? Well let me explain how we can improve upon your imagery, and therefore your demand…

Dynamic range is a term used to refer to the difference between the darkest and lightest areas of an image. Scenes with a big difference between those light and dark values leave shadows too dark and highlights too light.


The human eye can adjust for those differences in light and dark, but a camera can’t.High dynamic range photography tackles that problem.


When we take a high dynamic range photo, we don’t just take one photo, we use what’s called bracketing, or taking the same shot at different exposures.


There’s generally at least three photos involved, though often more. One image exposes for those dark areas, another for the mid-tones and a third for the highlights. Those images are then merged together, creating an image with a higher dynamic range than the camera was able to capture in a single image.



let us maximise your potential

let us maximise your potential

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