Kylie and Darren were married at the fantastic Harbour Hotel last week. Kiss photography were honoured to capture this fun wedding in our home town.

The Harbour Hotel overlooks St.Ives most gorgeous beach, Porthminster, and the couple said their vows to the cry of the seagulls and the sounds of the sea.

After a lovely morning with the lovely Kylie, her family and bridesmaids the ladies were ready to do downstairs to wow their guests. Kylie looked incredible in her dress and her bridesmaids so very stylish. The service was lovely and after pasties and a cream tea the whole family came to the beach for some some photos. The St.Ives sun down on this lovely pair and the beach looked a picture.

This wedding was full of fun and the kiss Photography Photobooth was booked for the evening entertainment as well as a singer and a DJ. The photobooth was such a hit and the guests filled the dance floor wearing various items of fancy dress. I am so glad we were booked to stay on as there was some serious dance moves going down.

The evening ended for us with fireworks and the day couldn’t have been better.

Thank you so much Kylie and Darren for being so wonderful to photograph, such fun to be with and for looking after us so well.

This wedding was also filmed by Joel from Dove films and we very much look forward to seeing the highlights.Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-6533Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-1574Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-6672Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-9008Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-9024Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-6892Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-6897Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-6986Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-6993Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-5405Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-7040Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-7057Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-7085Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-7114Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-7218Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-7279

When your family have flown in from America and the Philippines, your parents have arrived and celebrating a special birthday AND you have just had a baby, what better way to mark such a special occasion with a special family photo shoot, shot on location on a beach.

We were honoured to be asked to capture this event, one family from London, one from America and parents and sister from the Philippines, all meeting on holiday in St.Ives Cornwall. The gorgeous four week old baby was adorable and was a model in the making.

The beach is such a good place to get perfect light, relaxed children and  a feeling of really getting people in a natural unforced way. We so loved working with this happy gang, had many laughs and enjoyed the whole thing. We look forward to seeing you all again we hope on the next St.Ives gathering!family portrait-Photography-6426family portrait-Photography-5188family portrait-Photography-5182family portrait-Photography-1407family portrait-Photography-6247family portrait-Photography-5142family portrait-Photography-6301family portrait-Photography-5151family portrait-Photography-6328family portrait-Photography-6363family portrait-Photography-6415

I can only describe this amazing day as the wedding of smiles. In a romantic union of Cornish and South African, Lisl and Jeremy tied the knot alongside there families and four children. Lisl the beautiful bride filled the day with fun and laughter, the Prosecco flowed in the beautiful marque in the grounds of Beacon Cragg B&B overlooking the gorgeous Porthleven.

This wedding was a chilled family affair and we wandered the harbour front of Porthleven, collecting photos as we went of the family members. This seaside town has so much significance to this couple it was important to portray the place in their wedding photographs. Afterwards the family went to Beacon Cragg where pasties and fizz were served with the stunning cliff top views and garden games were played. In the late afternoon more guests joined the party for a hog roast and to dance the night away.I have to mention that not only did Lisl look so incredible in her dress her shoes ROCKED! AND she managed to wear them down through the wild fern and flower pathways for our photoshoot… what a woman! she also had a moment of running barefoot as well, but that was just all part of the fun!

We enjoyed the company so much of this fun pair and know their life will always be happy. thankyou both for letting us at Kiss Photography cover your day!porthleven-wedding-Photography-1238porthleven-wedding-Photography-5546porthleven-wedding-Photography-5468porthleven-wedding-Photography-4827porthleven-wedding-Photography-8702porthleven-wedding-Photography-5553porthleven-wedding-Photography-8674porthleven-wedding-Photography-5975porthleven-wedding-Photography-5956porthleven-wedding-Photography-5862porthleven-wedding-Photography-5822porthleven-wedding-Photography-5782porthleven-wedding-Photography-5021porthleven-wedding-Photography-8692porthleven-wedding-Photography-1367

We spent such a fun day with Daisy and Mark on their wedding day at Merchants Manor Hotel.

Daisy looked absolutely amazing in such a gorgeous dress, perfect hair and make up

We spent a morning capturing the getting ready shots, Daisy was with her Mum, her bridesmaids and her cute baby boy. The fizz was flowing and everything ran to plan.

Mark was greeting guests downstairs and the fantastic wedding staff were preparing the room.

Daisy was in white and her bridesmaids in a very stylish Navy, the flowers displayed in white jugs with nautical bows and the brightest bouquets that set off this fabulous fun wedding a treat.

The service was held in the hotel and the guests spilled out onto the lawns on this sunny day in Falmouth. The kids had such fun playing in the gardens and we got lots of natural shots. We took Daisy and Mark off for a few photographs around the grounds and in the hotel that is decorated to perfection.

It wasn’t long before the evening was in full swing and the dance floor was full, cocktails were flowing and a real party atmosphere was in place. The children really enjoyed the kids disco the couple had kindly organised and then a band was booked to play later into the evening.

It was lovely getting to know this pair and their lovely boys, thank you for letting us be part of your day. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happy times, which we just know you will have together.Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4577Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4591Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-0991Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4675Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4677Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4744Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4602Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4608Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4901Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4617Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4934Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4629Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-5082Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-5028Merchants-Manor-wedding-Photography-4732

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