Gorgeous is the word I would use. Nicky the bride was absolutely stunning and the beautifully styled room at Tregenna Castle looking as delightful as always. The service was outside, which always makes a Tregenna Castle Wedding even more special. The groom and his best man looked very handsome and the bridesmaids looked so very pretty.

I love Elles’s Inspire Hire wedding styling, she is amazing. The old books used on the tables were such a cool touch. There were literally flowers everywhere and the muted dusky colours were so impressive and went so well with the bridesmaids colours.

We had a perfect day with Nicky and Mark, we were there from beginning to end. We saw the confetti cones being filled by the ushers, we captured Nicky holding back floods of emotion while opening her morning gifts from Mark ( the make up had been done, she couldn’t let that mascara run!)

We were there for the touching and beautiful service and the amazing bridal walk down Tregenna Castles steps. Drinks on the lawn like the fabulous garden party it was. A Kiss Photography photoshoot down Porthminister beach. Funny ( very funny) speeches. A lovely sweet cart from Kelly’s sweet treets.  First dance and our Kiss Photography photobooth to end a fabulous evening.

Nicky and Mark, you made us laugh, you made us feel part of your amazing wedding day. We had great fun, your families and friends are great. Thank you for booking Kiss Photography and we wish you a perfect marriage! xtregenna-hotel-weddings-6310tregenna-hotel-weddings-6324tregenna-hotel-weddings-8638tregenna-hotel-weddings-8669tregenna-hotel-weddings-5081tregenna-hotel-weddings-2425tregenna-hotel-weddings-2431tregenna-hotel-weddings-8781tregenna-hotel-weddings-8836tregenna-hotel-weddings-6502tregenna-hotel-weddings-6543tregenna-hotel-weddings-6561tregenna-hotel-weddings-8951tregenna-hotel-weddings-8963tregenna-hotel-weddings-8973tregenna-hotel-weddings-2572tregenna-hotel-weddings-9006tregenna-hotel-weddings-5137tregenna-hotel-weddings-9024tregenna-hotel-weddings-6605tregenna-hotel-weddings-2652tregenna-hotel-weddings-9183

In my mind every bride makes an entrance as she walks up the aisle on her wedding day, but Debbie made an entrance like no other I have experienced before.

Bride and Groom Debbie and Mark are both singers. Their congregation at the church in Boconnoc consisted of one of the most fabulous choirs I have every heard. They sang as the guests waited for Debbie to arrive, and then there was a hush over the church as the vicar announced the brides arrival. The congregation stood and Debbie walked down the aisle to the most beautiful singing that filled the church, Mark and his best man joined in and Debbie smiled at everyone as she walked with her father. It was the most tremendous and the most touching entrance I have ever experienced. I don’t think we will ever attend another wedding like this one as it was so unique. Music was everywhere, the choir sang as the guests sipped champagne, sang in the beautiful house Boconnoc, sang in the church, the vicar joined the choir at one point. It was just beautiful and joyful.

Debbie looked incredible in her ivory silk dress set off by classic ivory roses. And her bridesmaids in pale blue with ivory lace were stunning.

Mark looked so smart and this couple were so very in love I feel the photos say it all.

I love Boconnoc House as a wedding venue. Your very own exclusive stately home for the weekend. Its so special and so very beautiful. Run expertly by the family you will feel that you have been looked after from start to finish.

Debbie’s hair was expertly styled by Victoria Carrington and her makeup by Penny Pascoeboconnoc-weddings-8108boconnoc-weddings-8129boconnoc-weddings-4883boconnoc-weddings-5835boconnoc-weddings-5979boconnoc-weddings-5998boconnoc-weddings-6027boconnoc-weddings-8336boconnoc-weddings-8338boconnoc-weddings-8397boconnoc-weddings-8362boconnoc-weddings-6086boconnoc-weddings-6060boconnoc-weddings-8448

Last weekend Kiss Photography covered Natalie and Dom’s beautiful wedding. What an amazing day these two had filled with lovely people, super weather, an empty beach, Lola the camper form Strawberry Leisure, the best cake table I have ever seen, a very funny best man speech, and a super pair.

Thank you Dom and Natalie for being super chilled, super fun and making our day and our photographs fantastic by being you.

I am sure everyone reading this blog will agree what a beautiful pair these guys are. I hope the photos we have chosen will sum up a little story if their day. From the getting ready in Carbis Bay, the two friends/bridesmaids helping the mother of the bride with the final details and the lacing, to Natalie’s Dad whispering a few words into Natalie’s ear. The classic church shot which I just love to the unbelievably pretty cakes and cookies (made by The Pink Elephant Cake Company )  and the romance and fun on the beach.

Cara, wedding co-ordinator at The Carbis Bay Hotel dressed the room as gorgeous as ever, and as always oversaw a picture perfect wedding.

For those of you who need to know, the perfect make up was by Suzi Winter and the fabulous hair by Capella. Both came to the house in Carbis Bay to work on the bride, mother of the bride and the two beautiful bridesmaids. Would recommend both these ladies for fabulous wedding work.

Dom and Natalie have a beautiful life together forever.carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5181carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5253carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4533carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5265carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7372carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5336carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4574carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4584carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5365carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5368carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7499carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1886carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7526carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5503carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-5520carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7598carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1927carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-1947carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4632carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7717carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-7891carbis-bay-hotel-weddings-4759

Could this couple be more lovely/fun/amazing/chilled/in love?
Karen and Paul it was an honour to cover your wedding day, and what a day! The sun burst through the morning rain and it was so hot, a proper Indian summer day.
Karen looked amazing in a stunning classic and very stylish ivory sateen dress.
The church service at St Cubert Church was just lovely, a great vicar, lots of smiles and some very touching moments.
After we headed to Holywell Bay, a stunning beach that was new to us and we fell in love with it. Karen and Paul sipped champagne,paddled in the sea, laughed and had fun. I love these two,and the photos say it all!
Afterwards they joined their friends and family at a marquee to sip Pimms and have a very relaxed and chilled out BBQ.
The Marquee was dressed with rustic hearts and pretty flowers in antique vases, cool blue bunting and a full band set up to boogie the night away. It was going to be a party to remember!
Karen and Paul we wish you a lifetime of wonderful things, lots of smiles and lots of fun!saint-cuberts-church-weddings-4934saint-cuberts-church-weddings-4226saint-cuberts-church-weddings-4235saint-cuberts-church-weddings-5011saint-cuberts-church-weddings-6761saint-cuberts-church-weddings-1621saint-cuberts-church-weddings-6769saint-cuberts-church-weddings-1624saint-cuberts-church-weddings-6777saint-cuberts-church-weddings-6795saint-cuberts-church-weddings-5023saint-cuberts-church-weddings-6835saint-cuberts-church-weddings-1682saint-cuberts-church-weddings-4305saint-cuberts-church-weddings-4317saint-cuberts-church-weddings-5066

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