Do you want your family or kids photographed looking happy, relaxed & being themselves?

We love the family shoots

and we especially love what we get at the end of them, beautiful relaxed informal and yet stunning shots.

Photographs to be proud of and prints that you will treasure for years to come.

We have moved away from the studio shoots

After years of experience photographing children of all ages we felt the bright lights and the white room didn’t work for all kids , and not all parents either.

We want our family shoots to have movement, to be fun and not feel restricted in anyway. That’s when we get you and your children being themselves.

so if you want kiss photography to photograph your family we can offer you…

1 hour shoot

in a couple of locations, beach, rock pooling, the grassy banks of the island

what you get

is a bunch of hi-resolution image of your shoot (minimum 60 )
no logo or copyright marks all colour corrected
ready to print